AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 70: A Gaze at What's to Come

2020-07-24 12:39:10 +0000 UTC by QuietDove

After much hard work, the whole team is delighted to give you an extended glimpse into the new features that will be arriving on the server this summer.

The Bends Direct Link

As you may have seen in Issue 68, we have a number of bending changes arriving this update. Full details of the changes can be found here. We have been trialing these changes in the last two bending tournaments, so you may have already had a chance to try them out.

Rather than repeating that all again, let's look at the headlines.

Water: We already know about the bucket source addition and the Ice Spear move, but there is one more new move to reveal.

  • Creeping Ice: Manipulate your source and surrounding terrain in order to alter the battlefield.
    • 15s cooldown, 20s with the leaf variant.
    • 24 block range, 10 with the water variant.
    • Ice and leaf variants grow a larger radius over time and follows the projectile in a straight line, altering blocks on the surface.
    • Ice variant imparts a long lasting slowness and converts the terrain to packed ice.
    • Leaf variant imparts a shorter, but stronger, slowness as well as silencing the target for 2s. It converts the terrain to leaves.
    • Water variant places water on the ground, and the move can be reoriented.
    • All variants undo after 10s.

Earth: The addition of Earth Surf looks to be a very fun one for earthbenders, but what else have we got in store for you?

  • Earth Rumble: Nearby enemies standing on bendable terrain are pulled towards you and temporarily slowed and silenced.
    • 10 block AoE range.
    • 12s cooldown.
    • 0.5s silence effect.
    • 4s slowness effect.
    • 1 damage to players (preventing elyra use), 2 damage to mobs.

Fire: Kickback promises to kick ass in the next update, but what if you could hit even harder?

  • Burnout: Forsake protection as you magnify the potency of your attacks.
    • Toggleable.
    • 15s cooldown upon ending the move.
    • Alters the following stats:
      • -30 Protection
      • +30 Strength
      • +30 Bending Energy Regeneration
      • +15 Penetration

Air: Airbenders may look at their changes as a bit of a nerf, even with the addition of Wind Carry. Don't speak so soon though...

  • Air Punch: Focus the air around your fist and blow your opponent away.
    • 5s cooldown.
    • 5 block range.
    • Applies 5s of fall protection.
    • 5 damage to players, 10 damage to mobs.
    • The move will knockback your opponent significantly.

Non-Bending: The new Grappling Hook gadget has added a nice new weapon for non-benders to use. We must wave Disarm goodbye, but in it's place there are two more moves.

  • Smokescreen: Throw a smoke bomb to blind and damage anyone within for the duration of the cloud.

    • 25s cooldown.
    • Smoke pulses once every second, for 10s.
    • 5 damage per second.
    • Blindness applied every second the enemy is in the cloud, and it lasts no more than 1s once outside it.

  • Sand Attack: Utilizing tactical sand, throw opponents off your trail by blinding and turning them.

    • 5s blindness duration.
    • 15s cooldown.
    • 8 block range.
    • Turns opponent 180 degrees.

A Professional Job Direct Link

If you ever get tired of trying out the new moves against your fellow players in the arena, then why not try out a whole new way of playing? The Professions system adds something completely different with four new skills to be explored:

The farming profession is the key to gathering the ingredients that are used to cook and brew the large amount of items we've created. Farming requires you to be both patient and observant. The last thing you'd want is a swarm of scorpion bees eating through your precious crops! Don't forget to pick up some fertilizers to help you out!

Hook up some rare fish to either sell or use as ingredients with the fishing profession. You'll notice the harbours in cities are a lot more lively now, with people looking to buy your fresh catches around every corner.

Whether you're frying up some snacks like flaming fire flakes to give you quick boosts of energy, or you're making some longer lasting full meals like roast turtle duck, the foods you make with the cooking profession will keep you feeling healthy along your adventure in the world of Avatar. You could even seek out some of master chefs located throughout the world in pursuit of the more unique food recipes.

Becoming a master tea brewer requires skill and talent. The slightest mistake when brewing tea can be the difference between perfection and mediocrity. I can assure you that all the hard work that goes into brewing a tea is certainly worth it though. The teas that you can make with the brewing profession will provide powerful and long-lasting boosts to your energy based stats.

The Fields of Ba Sing Se Direct Link

One of the largest sized build projects we've ever completed, the Agrarian Zone of Ba Sing Se is a brand new, interactive, and immersive build that is much more than just a pretty new location to look at.

The vast fields, quaint villages, and peaceful Lake Laogai hide many secrets, all of which are ready for you to explore!

Going on a Quest Direct Link

In an area as large as the Agrarian Zone, there are obviously going to be people in need. Which means we are delighted to announce the start of a new questline!

In this initial release, we are adding two quests: The Tourist Trap and We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Don't worry, nothing will be spoiled here, you'll be able to experience it all for yourself!

Dungeon Crawlers Direct Link

Fans of combat, rejoice! We have no less than THREE new mini dungeons arriving in the Agrarian Zone. They will be suitable for a range of levels and offer the same rewards that you are used to.

Raiding Field is perfect for brand new earthbenders, as it will be closest mini dungeon to the spawn. Can you foil a plot to steal a farmers hard grown wheat?

Woodland Lodge will be up next for the mid-level range, as you take on a hazardous mission for the Ba Sing Se police.

Fighter in the Fields is only for the most hardened benders. Can you defy the weather and defeat this experienced opponent in one-on-one combat?

One last note on the mini dungeons: A certain troublemaking firebender may have moved on from trying to conquer Ba Sing Se singlehandedly. They were last seen heading eastwards...

In Limbo Direct Link

It's the build you never knew you needed! Waiting in Limbo will be a lot more scenic from now on—thanks to this beautifully reworked area.

Limbo is the realm that all players enter before selecting their character, as well as being the place where they get transported to during server restarts. The limbo area is designed to give players something to do during the 5-10 minute periods when the server is restarting. As such, there is plenty to see and do—but rather than tell you about it here—you'll have to explore it yourself!

The revamped Limbo was built by Jtox17.

Final Notes Direct Link

We are getting closer and closer to release day. Expect one more post before then though...