AvatarMC Patch v0.4 - Action Update

2016-12-25 03:00:00 +0000 UTC by Guru

Release Details Direct Link

When? Direct Link

Monday, January 2nd 2017, 8PM UTC

Introduction Direct Link

This patch is packed with many features! These features will be pushed to the live server between the release of this post and the aforementioned release date.

Spawn Overhaul Direct Link

With this coming update, the spawn has been completely overhauled. Gone are the days of standing alone on an island to choose your element. As all players will receive an elemental reset, you’ll all get to see it! The new spawn areas will include NPCs with dialogue and mobs to test moves with, accompanied by an immersive background!

In addition to this, all moves have been reworked, making some elements more powerful and simply balancing others. While we’ll let you explore these for yourselves, rest assured that these reworks will make fights both more fast-paced and interesting. The new moves do not have levels for the time being (for balancing reasons). They will be available for tea leaves once you meet the level requirement for each move at the Bending Masters like usual.

Furthermore, all Tea Leaf balances will be reset to balance out their over-abundance and to provide a sense of fairness to newer players. In essence, this will be a fresh start. In addition to this, you will be able to gather Tea Leaves from discoverable locations as well as specified placed locations.

An MMO-style Leveling System Direct Link

Yep, you read that right! You’ll receive XP for completing dungeons and for killing mobs within said dungeons. Players will now receive six points (per level) to allocate into six different stats:

  • Bending Energy Regeneration
  • Movement Speed
  • Armor Protection
  • Armor Penetration
  • Strength
  • Vitality

This can all be adjusted by the player through a book-based UI. This can be opened using the /c command. The [?] on the top will lead to a tutorial about the active page and the [C] will lead back to the character page, which can be considered as the home page.

Stat Distribution Page on the AvatarMC Leveling Plugin.

Dungeons Direct Link

Both dungeons have been balanced in accordance with the new leveling system, and are ordered as follows:

  • Attack on the Kazan Triad (FNC) -> Suggested levels 8-13 & 3 players.
  • Cave of Frozen Blood (NWT) -> Suggested levels 3-8 & solo.
  • In addition to this, a new dungeon is coming, titled Hunters of the Ocean. This has also been balanced with the leveling system, recommended for levels 13 through 20 with two players. Here's a little sneak peek:

Sneak peek of the new dungeon: Hunters of the Ocean!

Pets Direct Link

Zuko wanted a dragon.
I said no.
-- Javatars Anonymous

Yes, pets are finally here! Pets are divided amongst two categories – Combat and Utility. Combat Pets fight alongside their owner and can also be ridden. Utility Pets provide alternative means of support for the player. Check out the full pet list below to see what you can choose from!

Combat Pets Direct Link
  • Air Bison (Yes, you can fly it)
  • Badger Mole
  • Polar Bear Dog
  • Cat Deer

Utility Pets Direct Link
  • Turtle Duck
  • Flying Lemur
  • Fire Ferret

In addition to this, pets will gain new abilities as they level up. They do so by either killing mobs or leveling with their owner (for Combat and Utility respectively). They are purchasable from a pet vendor for Tea Leaves, and there's no limit set on how many pets you can buy! There are, however, limits set on both how many pets you can have active and how many pet whistles you can carry – one per type and two correspondingly.

The seven available pets.

Spirit World Direct Link

Did someone say free chunks?
-- Javatars Anonymous

So as to spice up the Spirit World, there will now be Spirit World Capturepoints (SWC). These capture points will provide additional claim chunks for your town when you hold them. When a point is captured, a town will be able to purchase defender mobs for use whenever the point is attacked. Furthermore, they will only be accessible for a short time – they will be open for attack at the same time every day, working to a schedule.

In essence, there will be three towers within the Spirit World for capture. Each one will contain a portal, which opens every hour. Now for the interesting part – every time this portal opens, a different instance of the capture point is used. This is reset every day.

Towns will be able to capture these points, and do not have to be within a nation in order for them to do so. Each point a town owns will grant them five extra chunks. Towns will be able to fight to capture another town’s point, and defenders can combat this by handing in Spirit Essence to spawn mobs – who will only attack people attempting to capture the point. The attacking town will have to kill all of the mobs in order for them to take the point. Spirit Essence will be found as a dungeon drop.

One of the Spirit World Towers.

Builds Direct Link

It's big trouble in little Gaipan with this update! Gaipan has been rebuilt, and will be pushed to the live server. In addition to this, the illustrious Library of Wan Shi Tong will find its way into the Spirit World. I'm sure you don't want to read about it, so you can have screenshots instead!

Exterior of Wan Shi Tong Library.
Interior of Wan Shi Tong Library.
Credit to our entire Build Team and several ex-team members (Princess_Azula and Mindcrimes).

Broadcast Overhaul Direct Link

Ever wish that you didn't have to see broadcasts spamming your chat? With the new broadcasting plugin, those days are over! Broadcasts now work on an opt-out system, with one appearing approximately every half an hour. There's also more than six this time, so you won't get bored of them. You will be able to use /broadcasts to access the book UI for the plugin!

Christmas Cosmetics Direct Link

Christmas Cosmetics.
To celebrate the Christmas period, we'll be releasing a collection of hats and instruments for purchase today! Head on over to the AvatarMC Store and check them out!

Weekly Soon™ - Week 29: LETTUCE LEAF?

2016-11-08 20:15:00 +0000 UTC by Guru

Hey, it’s Guru here for the 29th Weekly Soon™. We apologise for the month’s break in blog posts, but it’s been pretty quiet around here. Now that’s over and done with, on with this week’s changes!

Redstone Bending Detectors Direct Link

Yes, you read that right. With this new change, you'll be able to operate redstone with your bending moves! Right now this is restricted to a certain list of moves due to limitations, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. You'll be able to purchase five kinds of this detector - one for each element, and another that will work for all of them.

The moves that you can use on the new detectors are:

  • AirSpear
  • WaterBlast
  • FireBall
  • EarthBlast

You'll be able to buy these in a shop located in Republic City (12007x 5692z) for 2500¥ per detector, so get to it! A test facility has been built on-site for prospective buyers.

Regarding Tea Leaves Direct Link

The policy regarding tea leaves has been updated – you can now apply to host a tea leaf location in your town! The requirements for this are as follows:

  • The build in question must be of decent quality and unique/original. No, you can’t copy the last guy’s build for a tea leaf. Building a decent but ultimately generic tower won’t suffice, either.
  • The tea leaf location, as well as the road leading to it, must not be in or near any area explicitly designed for PvP (excluding arenas and wilderness chunks).
  • There must be a road from one of the canon cities, or alternatively, a fast travel node should be close nearby. Additionally, the general area it is located in must be clearly signed along the road so that it is findable.
  • Obstructions are not allowed, and gates leading to it must be kept open at all times.
  • It must be possible to World Guard the area to prevent player modification. Additionally, a respawn point must be provided.
  • In the event of a war, these rules can be put on hold, albeit temporarily. However, you must inform the admin or tea leaf staff immediately, so that they can remove the location until peace is restored and the area is considered safe.
  • Any abuse of the World Guarded region during war or in general will be severely punished.
  • Contact information must be available so that the tea leaf team can get in touch without needing you to be on the server.
  • Finally, a majority vote amongst the active tea leaf staff must pass once all previous requirements are met. This will be done before a tea leaf location request is granted.

Bug Fixes and Changes Direct Link

  • Your screen will glow red when you are low on health, making it easier for you to realize when to run in a fight!
  • The /towny top command has been fixed for those who aren’t mayors!

And that's a wrap! Stay tuned for further developments in the world of AvatarMC!

Weekly Soon™ - Week 28: PICTURE PERFECT

2016-10-07 19:32:00 +0000 UTC by Guru


Hello, and welcome to the 28th Weekly Soon™! While it's been quiet over the last few weeks and we haven't had much to announce, today we have things to talk about. Let's head through these changes!

The Camera Direct Link

Ever wanted to take pictures of people on the server and hang them on your wall in your town? Well, now you can. This is available in the store for purchase, so make sure to go check that out! You'll also be able to take selfies with this camera, so get to work building a picture portfolio!

Bug Fixes Direct Link

  • The Fire Charge recipe has been fixed, meaning that you can get back to building fireworks!
  • Left clicking on an entity will now let you use the move you have selected rather than doing melee damage, meaning that you can hit your opponent in close quarters!
  • Items randomly renaming has been fixed (no, Patrick. Mayonnaise is not a Bending Focus).
  • Respawning in dungeons and capitals has been fixed.

Changelog - September 18th

2016-09-18 22:13:00 +0000 UTC by Guru

The admin team has been hard at work again this week, but we still don't have anything major to announce. So, just like the last changelog, we have a few minor changes to go through. Let's get to it!

  • The minimum amount of players required for the Fire Nation Capital arena has been reduced to two, meaning that you can finally re-enact the Last Agni Kai!
  • The renaming problem has been fixed, meaning that players can no longer fashion a 'bending focus' out of a piece of wool!

Changelog - September 11th

2016-09-11 20:27:00 +0000 UTC by Guru

While the admin team has been hard at work this week, unfortunately, there's nothing we can announce as of yet. However, we do have some minor changes we can talk to you about, so let's fly through those!

  • You'll now be able to see how much health you're losing and gaining in the field with floating text!
  • The arena scoreboard has been overhauled, meaning that someone can no longer be top of the leaderboard simply by winning only their first five! It has been changed from a raw win/loss ratio to a confidence-based one.
  • The carousel text on the homepage has been made readable via a black background, so there’s no more guesswork as to what it says!