AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 94: Spooky Times are Here again...

2021-11-01 19:00:00 +0000 UTC by QuietDove

Welcome one and welcome all to another spooktacular edition of the AvatarMC Halloween event. This is the final time we will see this version of the event, so enjoy it while you can!

You can experience the terror right now by visiting the warp areas in you capital.

Midnight in Gaipan Direct Link

"Something is afoot in the usually sleepy village of Gaipan. The Festival of Sun Li is normally a time for celebration, for it marks a time when the spirits meet the living.

This time, something has gone horribly wrong. The benevolent spirits are no where to be seen. In fact, no one is to be seen, the town is nearly deserted. Let us pray that you don't meet the same fate..."

The dead have risen from the earth. Put them back where they belong, before you join them. They say that familiar faces have been spotted amongst the walking dead. Just who could they mean by that?

Candy, meant to be enjoyed by those at the festival, has been dropped all over the village. Gather as much of it as you can, you never know what rewards await you.

Each capital city has a hub where you can teleport straight to the event.

Ghost Island Direct Link

A seasonal quest returns this year.

When Watt's nephew goes missing on a deserted island, he enlists the player's help to find him. Tread carefully; unspeakable horrors happened here, and the spirits are restless. One more thing: try not to stare into the dark too long. The dark might stare back, and you'll find out what kind of thing goes bump in the night.

The Village Ghosts Direct Link

We also have a brand new quest for you to enjoy.

A simple delivery job looks easy enough, but not everything is as it seems...

Across The Bridge Direct Link

An unseasonably large pumpkin has grown across the bridge of Gaipan. No doubt that dark and evil forces are at work. Investigate this massive gourd and discover its secrets.

Inside you will find a new area for this year, Bwake's Maze of Horrors. Watch your sanity as you try to reach the end, ten candies await you if you do!

There's more to see in this area. The Great Pumpkin Hunt is exactly what it says on the tin. Seek out the hidden pumpkins and gain a reward.

There are two new achievements for the event for completing the tasks in this new area, Bwake's Maze of Horrors and The Great Pumpkin Hunt. Both offer 5 candy upon completion.

Cosmetics Direct Link

Spooky cosmetics are available once again. The merchant will be more than happy to give them to you, for a price of course.

All cosmetics from previous years are available, alongside three new ones!

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 93: Bwaking Bad

2021-10-22 19:00:00 +0000 UTC by TurboClicks

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the retirement of one of the server's finest. Due to the work he's done over the last six years, our Team Leaders have nominated Bwake_ to join the Order of the Golden Lotus!

Let's take a trip down memory lane, so we can explain just why he deserves the title.

Sqoorl's Render

Bwake first joined the server back in May 2015 to lead the newly formed Soundtracks Team, and quickly became synonymous with the many beautiful tracks that players are greeted with when entering canon cities. You can listen to your favorite Bwake tunes on his Soundcloud profile!

Beyond his work leading the Soundtracks Team, Bwake has made significant contributions towards keeping the community safe through his role on the Moderation Team. He has also spent countless hours constructing some of our most memorable holiday events as a Builder.

Additionally, did you know that all of the secret mazes across the server were constructed by Bwake? He's even built a cult following of players looking to solve them.

Bwake has spent over 6 years of his life working to constantly improve AvatarMC. It would be difficult to come across a member of the community who hasn't had an interaction with or hasn’t heard of Bwake. He was even AvatarMC's very first Player of the Month back in 2016!

As part of his new role, Bwake receives a special place on our Team page as well as a fancy Discord tag. With this nomination, he joins a group of people who have been invaluable with their contributions through the years.

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 92: September Bending Tournament

2021-09-11 18:57:54 +0000 UTC by ShootItzStar

Event: Gaoling Bending Tournament // AvatarMC Discord Direct Link

Earth Rumble Arena

Autumn approaches and so marks the return of the monthly bending tournament! Get together with friends and foes alike, and duke it out or grab a cup of apple cider and watch!

Like previous months, there will be no Professions items permitted during the tournament.

When will it be? Direct Link
  • The event will take place on Saturday, September 18 at 19:00 UTC. For those who use Google's search engine, this query will find exactly what time this is in your time zone. World Time Buddy is also a helpful resource.

How do I join? Direct Link
  • Please join the Discord and sign up in the Tournament Chat or message a Mod or Chat Mod in-game. You can always sign up at the event, but you may not be paired with someone who best matches your skill level—so sign up as soon as you can!

Am I limited to the bending I chose? Direct Link
  • No! This event will take place off the main server by typing /server event once the event is open for joining. You will be able to select any bending you wish and change it at any point before the tournament officially starts. The event server will be open 25 minutes before the tournament starts to allow players to have time to pick.

Will there be elytras? Direct Link
  • At the moment, we have decided to not provide elytras for players to use. These can be used to avoid combat completely by airbenders and serve no purpose in combat since they are disabled after taking damage.

Will we be able to eat to heal during the match? Direct Link
  • No. In the past when we've allowed food and healing, matches lasted far longer than anyone felt was enjoyable. Because of that, health restoration from eating will be disabled. However, you will be able to eat while outside the arena and water healing moves will be allowed.

Will there be stats and levels? Direct Link
  • Just like on the main server you will have stat points to allocate typing /c. You will be automatically set to max level and have all moves available from the moment you select a bending. You can reset your stats throughout the tournament to change your build based on the bender you will be fighting by speaking to the stat spirit near spawn.

Will there be rewards? Direct Link
  • First Place: 250,000¥ + Championship Bracelet
  • Second Place: 150,000¥
  • Third Place: 75,000¥
  • Fourth Place: 50,000¥
  • Participation: Everyone who signs up for the tournament and participates in it without missing any matches will receive a participation prize. This will consist of 32 spirit essence and four decorative heads. Winners will receive these as well.
  • As an additional reward for this month, every participant will be entered into a raffle to win $20 of cosmetics from the server store. One lucky player will be able to claim this prize!

How do I join the Discord? Direct Link
  • You can simply join with this direct invite. Below are instructions to link your AvatarMC account with Discord; however, this is not required!
  • First, you need to create an AvatarMC Forum account by performing /register while on the server.
  • Once you have the forum account set up, go to discord.avatarmc.com and log in with your forum information. This will link your account to your Discord account.
  • If you already have an AvatarMC Forum account, but don't remember your log-in information, please contact GuoKao.

Various notes on how the event will function: Direct Link
  • The tournament will operate off of a public leaderboard that you can request the link to at any time (after the tournament has started).
  • For this tournament the brackets will be semi-randomized. Players will be fighting against other players who may not be of similar skill level, but could be disproportionately higher or lower in skill level. Matches can be semi-balanced based on the pairings, but it is no guarantee.
  • Players who lose in the semi-final fights will match against each other to determine 3rd and 4th place.
  • Time will be set to sunrise, so no advantage can be gained for either waterbenders or firebenders.
  • This tournament is not only a way for you to earn free money, but also a way for us to gain balancing opinions on the elements. After the tournament, do not be afraid to share your opinions on the server Discord or on the forums!

If you have any questions regarding the event, you can ask in our Discord or message a moderator in-game.

We hope you join the fight on Saturday, September 18 at 19:00 UTC!
AvatarMC Discord

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 91: Veni, Vidi, Wiki

2021-07-09 20:30:00 +0000 UTC by _Guru and TurboClicks

Hi, folks! Guru and Turbo here, bringing you the latest update on your favourite part of the website. The forums!

Just kidding. We're here to announce a few changes to the wiki, as Phase 1 of an ongoing effort to spruce it up a bit. If you have any further ideas as to how we can improve this part of the website, let us know in the #suggestions channel in our Discord! We're sure you're eager to see what we've done already, so why don't we give you an outline?

Removal of the Help pages Direct Link

Sounds counter-intuitive at first glance, right? Wrong. We've moved these pages to the wiki (and provided redirects for those of you who've memorised the originals) to take advantage of updated formatting. Additionally, we no longer have two Fast Travel pages - they've been merged into one.

A New Category Direct Link

With this update to the wiki, we've taken the time to split out the Economy page into its own category. This new index will take you through to the following, including two entirely new pages:

  • Bounties
  • Lotus Tiles
  • Markets
  • Vendors

The vendors page has also been updated to reflect their current stock, alongside adding a couple of new entries that came shortly after Professions was released. You're welcome. Alongside that, we've added coordinates to the Markets page, so it's even harder to get lost.

Icon Updates Direct Link

Now this probably means nothing to 97% of our readers, but we've updated the site's Font Awesome icon library to v5.15.3, allowing us to choose slightly more relevant icons for individual topics. This can be seen in the Economy, Professions, and Dungeons categories.

Page Edits Direct Link

  • The Farmer and Ryu's Campfire have been moved to their proper place in the Dungeons category as Mini-Dungeons.
  • The Spirit World Capture page has been rewritten to be marginally more informational.
  • Navigational breadcrumbs have been added to all wiki pages, allowing you to move back a page without having to scroll up.

Full List of URL Changes Direct Link

  • Fast Travel: avatarmc.com/help/fasttravel → avatarmc.com/wiki/fast-travel
  • Resource Pack: avatarmc.com/help/rp → avatarmc.com/wiki/rp
  • Ban Appeal: avatarmc.com/help/banappeal → avatarmc.com/wiki/ban-appeal
  • Bending: avatarmc.com/wiki/category/bending → avatarmc.com/wiki/bending
  • Dungeons (note that dungeons is now plural): avatarmc.com/wiki/category/dungeon → avatarmc.com/wiki/dungeons
  • Professions: avatarmc.com/wiki/category/professions → avatarmc.com/wiki/professions

Well, that's all for now, folks. If you want to contribute, leave us a note in the #suggestions Discord channel linked above. Stay tuned for more changes!

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 90: Pride Fest 2021

2021-06-26 15:50:00 +0000 UTC by _Guru

banner image of Korra, Asami, Mako, and Bolin

Greetings and salutations, readers! It's that time of year again - you know the one. If you don't, I've a fantastic property underneath this here rock to sell you (It has fiber and everything).

This year, we've something a bit different for you. Caihong, the Rainbow Spirit, has invited everyone along to their realm in the Spirit World to celebrate love in all its forms! I'm sure you're excited to see what's in store, so, without any further ado, let's jump on into things!

The LGBTree Direct Link


If you've visited the Pride Town of yesteryear, you'll recognize this one - except someone's been giving it premium fertilizer. This is where you'll spawn when you enter the event, and it's also how you'll get to the different parts of the map. Nifty.

If you've managed to get lost in the event, our professional cartographer has drafted a map for you, which can be seen below.

map of event

New Quests Direct Link

This event comes pre-packaged with four new quests for you to enjoy - "The Lost Mask", "Special Brew", "Welcome Party", and "Duck, Goose, Hot Air Balloon" as well as an introductory quest titled "Pride Fest 2021 Awaits". Check them out in /q today!

Quest NameStarting NPCRewards
Special BrewTei [654, 695]3 Lotus Tiles
Welcome PartyCook Amiti [807, 673]3 Lotus Tiles
The Lost MaskShi-ra Spirit [835, 848]3 Lotus Tiles
Duck, Goose, Hot Air BalloonConductor [672, 869]25k Yuans (5k Yuans for completing Duck and Goose routes, 15k Yuans for completing quest)

Fort Pride Direct Link


Feel like getting lost in wonderland? Amazeingly enough, we can help you with that. Once you're done groaning at my clearly superior pun, grab a piece of string and make your way through the labyrinth.

The Hot Air Balloon Hangar Direct Link

Here at AvatarMC, the sky's the limit! Now you don't need to be an airbender to fly with the birds, you just need a hot air balloon! As long as you stay within this little box next to an open flame, that is.

The parkour is the basis for the 'Duck, Goose, Hot Air Balloon' quest, and upon completion you'll recieve some nice rewards! Though please note that pushing other players off to "reduce the weight" is not permitted. Talk to the Conductor at the top of the Marketplace Hill to get started.

New Cosmetics Direct Link

What would an event be without fresh new cosmetics? Head on down to the Marketplace and speak with Star, your neighborhood friendly entrepeneur. Purchase this event's cosmetics at 5 Lotus Tiles a piece, or, for nostalgia's sake, you can buy last year's for 3 Lotus Tiles each.

With a fresh stock of new cosmetics, we also have added base cosmetics featuring the Non Binary flag and the Pansexual flag! See below for the complete list of new items and their prices.

VendorCosmetic ItemPrice
Star's Propellers and FlagsAnimated Waving Pride Flag5 Lotus Tiles
Animated Waving Lesbian Flag5 Lotus Tiles
Animated Waving Bisexual Flag5 Lotus Tiles
Animated Waving Transgender Flag5 Lotus Tiles
Animated Waving Asexual Flag5 Lotus Tiles
Animated Waving Pansexual Flag5 Lotus Tiles
Animated Waving Non Binary Flag5 Lotus Tiles
Animated Cycling Pride Flag (cycles through all the pride flags available)5 Lotus Tiles
Non Binary Cap3 Lotus Tiles
Non Binary Beanie3 Lotus Tiles
Non Binary Flag Focus3 Lotus Tiles
Pansexual Cap3 Lotus Tiles
Pansexual Beanie3 Lotus Tiles
Pansexual Flag Focus3 Lotus Tiles
AvatarMC StoreAnimated Lesbian Propeller Hat4.99 USD
Animated Bisexual Propeller Hat4.99 USD
Animated Transgender Propeller Hat4.99 USD
Animated Asexual Propeller Hat4.99 USD
Animated Non Binary Propeller Hat4.99 USD
Animated Pansexual Propeller Hat4.99 USD

Lotus Tiles Direct Link

Whether you're running out of Lotus Tiles or you're a completionist, we've got you covered. Explore the map to find ten more of those lovely little Pai Sho pieces!

And as always, Happy Pride Month to everyone here celebrating it at AvatarMC. We hope you had a great month and we're all so excited to see you next year for Pride Fest 2022!