August Bending Tournament

2018-08-16 23:40:29 +0000 UTC by QuietDove

Hello to all budding fighters! With the elements about to be rebalanced (or nerfed, depending on your point of view) it’s time for another tournament! As before, this event shall be held in the glorious Gaoling Arena.

When will it be held?

  • The event will take place on the 25th of August at 7pm UTC. This is 3PM EST / 8PM GMT+1 / 10PM GMT+3 / 5AM GMT+10. Please consult Google for your local time if it's not on that list.

Where do I sign up?

  • Please fill in this form.
  • If this doesn’t work, then feel free to reply to this post. Alternatively, contact Caljitsu or an admin, who shall then add you manually.

Can I have whatever bending style I like?

  • Yes, you can! This event takes place on the Event Server, so you can pick a style of take through the tournament. Please note that once you’ve picked, you can’t change.
  • Your level will also be boosted to level 25, so it doesn’t matter how strong you are on lobby!

What are the rewards?

  • Apart from eternal glory, and the respect of your fellow players, the winner will get to choose a free item from the server store. This includes bending focuses, hats, player slots, and much more! If you don’t want a free item, then you will receive 500,000 in-game currency (yuans).
  • Second place will receive 200,000 yuans.
  • There is also a participation prize of six cosmetic heads, namely, three diamond ore and three diamond blocks. Alongside this, you will also receive a tea leaf. So it’s well worth signing up!
  • Please note: If an admin or mod wins the tournament, second place will be able to claim the first place prize. This does not mean that second place wins the tournament, you’re still a loser (sorry).

How does the Tournament work?

  • The tournament will run on a public leaderboard that will be available to view once the tournament has started.
  • Players are seeded based on the length of time they’ve been on the server. This means that veteran players will face veteran players, and newer players will face newer players (wherever possible). This is designed to mix up the tournament and give everyone a fair chance of progression.
  • The time of day is controlled so that fire and waterbenders don’t receive their day or night damage bonuses. Waterbenders will also fight in a specific arena that contains water source blocks.
  • Participants will also be delighted to hear that QuietDove (the dude who wrote this and is currently talking in the third person) will, once again, be providing his expert live commentary!

I can't make this tournament, will you do one again?

  • Absolutely! We are planning to run these tournaments monthly, most likely on the last Saturday of every month. Who knows, we may mix up the prizes at some point?

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Caljitsu or an Admin, either on the server or on Discord.

To sync your AMC account with Discord, follow these instructions:

  1. Perform the command /register on the server. This will walk you through how to create an AvatarMC Forum account.
  2. Go to the following link: . You will then be asked to log in using your forum login information.
  3. Accept the invitation.

We look forward to seeing you fight for glory on the 25th of August!

AvatarMC Soon™: Issue 40 - La La Lootbox

2018-08-15 14:26:08 +0000 UTC by Guru

Hello and welcome to the 40th issue of the Soon™! We're switching things up with the name a bit this time around, and I make absolutely no apologies for the awful choice of title. So, without any further ado, let's go over this issue's changes!

0.5.1, coming August 18th Direct Link

Daily Rewards
Yes, this is a thing now. Do the command /rewards in-game to receive neat items, free of charge - increasing in tier every consecutive day you use it. Note that these items consist of Yuans and Tea Leaves.

Discord Server
Additionally, the server now has an official Discord! If you're interested in joining, please click this link. It uses your forum login to assign the correct roles, so make sure that you remember your password!

Bending Balance

  • Fire Wall has an updated particle and an increased size, making it more Wall and less Square.
  • You can now break blocks from Earth Wall, Earth Cage and Ice Cage with projectile moves.
  • AOE moves no longer do damage through walls, marking a victory for supporters of immersion everywhere.
  • Earth Armor and Brace both now use stat points for protection, with healing removed for the latter.
  • Octopus Form now has a particle effect when no enemy is near, allowing the energy-conscious Waterbender to cancel it in a timely fashion.
  • Fire can no longer be used in water. If rain is predicted, Firebenders are encouraged to bring an umbrella.
  • Air can also no longer be used in water, though the effects will travel through it.
  • Wind Rush can now be used while gliding.

Misc Changes

  • The Stat Reset NPC has been updated - it no longer gives you an item with which to reset them, speeding up the process.
  • There is now a Hall of Fame for Bending Tournament winners in Gaoling's Earth Rumble Arena.