AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 124: Meet the Communications Team

2024-05-06 21:23:05 +0000 UTC by TurboClicks

Hello! My name is TurboClicks, and I lead AvatarMC's Communications Team. In this blogpost, I shine a light on this team's incredible work, with the hope of moving you to consider applying!

Our Responsibilities Direct Link

The Communications Team has a broad skillset with a primary goal of showcasing the server and all of its creations. Our current positions include Photographer, Social Media Specialist, Videographer, Web Specialist, Writer, and 3D Render Artist.

Below are some of the major functions that the Communications Team oversees:

  • Wiki: The AvatarMC Wiki is the definitive source of truth for players looking for a Towny command to those wanting to learn about which dungeons best fit into their bending level range. Chat Moderators regularly reference the wiki when fielding questions in game. We are in need of Writers who can help us continue to maintain and grow the wiki. This could mean something like updating stats on the Waterbending entry or creating entirely new categories like what our staff is currently doing for the server's custom soundtracks.

  • Blog: We are also seeking talented Writers who can help contribute to the AvatarMC Blog. Blogposts are used to announce server updates like the recent Towny outpost rework or kick off yearly events like the Festival of Kyoshi Day. Blogposts are crucial, as they help AvatarMC reach new audiences through search engine and social media traffic.

  • Website: The Communications Team even helps maintain AvatarMC.com to help lessen the burden for the server's Development Team. Our Website Specialists do everything from uploading blogposts to coding entirely new wiki entries. Every blogpost is written using the lightweight markup language, Markdown. The rest of the website is composed of HTML, CSS, and some minor usage of JavaScript. An understanding of Git is necessary for managing the website through our repositories. I am open to working with somebody with the knowledge and passion to continue modernizing the website through new frameworks and libraries.

  • Media: With our limited resources, we would benefit greatly from additional help in the social media space. We have designed the Social Media Specialist position to create all of the social media content that the server produces for platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The Photographer and Videographer positions help create the media that ends up on our social media platforms and website. Additionally, the 3D Render Artist position works to create renders of our 3D models like the one featured in the recent blogpost announcing new Sokka cosmetics.

Joining the Team Direct Link

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Even if you believe that you don't fully fit into one of the above roles, I still encourage you to visit the Communications Team Application. If you've got the motivation and work ethic, we would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to send me a message on Discord!

— TurboClicks

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 123: Towny Outpost Limits

2024-04-27 13:09:07 +0000 UTC by ShootItzStar

In this rework, we're reintroducing Towny to blend seamlessly into the Avatar universe. We've reworked the town suffix and mayor prefix in order to fit in better within the Avatar universe. These new titles now correspond to new resident requirements, and are matched to the newly introduced outpost limits.

See the new chart here:

Town SuffixMayor PrefixMin ResidentsMax Outposts
Large TownRepresentative506
Large CityCouncillor808

Outpost Rework Direct Link

This update introduces a new feature which can be seen above: outposts limits. According to town size (based on residents), towns now have limited slots for outposts, maxing out at 10 outposts for 100+ residents. While older towns that have more than 10 outposts claims will not be losing any of their claims, they may find themselves unable claim any more outpost chunks so long as they surpass the given limit.

Within the scope of functionality of this new mechanic, we've also reworked what is considered an outpost chunk. As of this update, any unconnected chunk to the town's main cluster (spawn) will be considered an outpost. This replaces an older system in which only towns marked [Outpost] were considered so.

In order to locate new and old outpost chunks, all coordinates can be found at /town outpost. Please note that outposts are not considered each singular chunk unconnected to spawn, but rather each cluster of chunks (connected chunks) that are unconnected to spawn.

If you require any assistance navigating this feature and locating your new outposts, or for any of your questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to General Moderation Leader, ShootItzStar, ingame or starshooting on Discord.