AvatarMC uses a slightly modified version of the Towny plugin, so if you're familiar with how it works outside of this server, there's a few changes that need to be made clear. If you're not familiar with it at all, this information's useful for you anyway - so keep reading!

  1. Taxes are disabled. Your town will NOT be disbanded if you have no money, and people will not be removed if they do not have money. This applies to nations too.
  2. Town Outposts are still available. However, teleporting to them is not. This was disabled to mimic the Avatarverse as closely as possible.
  3. During warfare, if your town’s homeblock is captured, your town will NOT be deleted. Please read our dedicated war page for more information about that system.


For help with Towny commands.


For ambitious Kings, Presidents and Generalissimos.


For those seeking to join or make a town.


For those ready to cast the die and cross the Rubicon.