The Professions system is a new and exciting addition to the server. This system will give you a brand new way of playing the game, with a focus on gathering resources and using them to create hundreds of new items.

These NPCs are scattered through the server's canon cities. Through them you can sell any professions items that you've acquired (Raw Fish, Tea, Snacks, Full Meals, and Crops). Beware, though - you'll get less money than if you were to sell them to the appropriate profession master, though it may be more convenient if you want to get rid of many different items at once.

There are multiple types of consumable items that you can use:

Full Meals
  • Long Durations
  • 5 Minute Cooldown
  • Provide Large Stat Boosts
  • Often Increase Your Maximum Health
  • Often increase Your Health Regeneration
  • Short Durations
  • 45 Second Cooldown
  • Provide Very Short Bursts of Healing
  • Provide Small Stat Boosts
  • Long Durations
  • 5 Minute Cooldown
  • Primarily provide energy-related stat boosts
  • Can provide percent modifiers to your existing stats

In addition to these, many ingredients can be consumed to restore your hunger. You cannot have multiple effects from the same category active at once. Because of this, it's important to keep a variety of item types in order to maximize your potential buffs.