Are you searching for a companion to aid you in your travels across the world? If so, your search is at an end – we have just the thing for you!

Caring for the pets may be a bit of a handful, but luckily, we’re here to assist you in the process. There are two categories of pets to choose from: Combat and Utility. You’ll be able to purchase one from a Pet Master in major cities using your gathered collection of lotus tiles. Once you’ve bought your pet of choice, you’ll be handed a Pet Whistle – right click with it in your hand (not unlike a bending focus), and it will open up a menu with the following options:

  • Summon, which will (obviously) bring your pet directly to you if it wasn’t already following you.
  • Desummon, which will hide your pet until such a time as when you summon it again.
  • Wait, which will make your pet stay in one location. This move won’t be given at the start, though, so you’ll have to unlock it by leveling up your pets.
  • Follow Master, which will have your pet follow you. For Utility Pets, this move comes unlocked as standard. For Combat Pets, however, this move can be unlocked by leveling up your pets.

Doing the /pet command will open up a book, giving you all of the vital stats concerning your active pet.

You can have two Whistles in your inventory at once, meaning that you can have one pet from each category active at one time.

Here’s a list of all available pets, their stats, and their available abilities:

Speed increases are relative to a player's walking speed, and regular sprint is 130%.

This kind of pet will assist you in PvE fights and will level up through combat. Naturally, you’ll be able to ride a combat pet into battle, so charging in on your shining steed is arguably more practicable now! As your pet levels up, more abilities will become available, like the following:

  • Guard Area – Your pet will guard an area in a ten block radius.
  • Guard Master – Your pet will defend you from harm.
  • On The Hunt: Select a target and your pet will move in to attack.

Please be aware that these abilities are limited to hostile mobs.

Sky Bison


  • HP - 20 Health at Level I, 30 Health at Level X
  • Unmounted Speed - 100%
  • Mounted Speed (Ground) - 135%
  • Mounted Speed (Flying) - 280%
  • Jump Height - 1 Block


  • Headbutt - The Bison will headbutt the nearest hostile mob in a three block radius.
  • Tail Whip - The Bison will produce a blast of air, flying forward for ten blocks. This will knock mobs back.
  • Bison Roar - The Bison roars ferociously, damaging all nearby hostile mobs in a six block radius and providing knockback.
  • Flight - When you’re mounted on the Bison, you’ll be able to fly around. Yip Yip!



  • HP - 10 Health at Level I, 15 Health at Level X
  • Unmounted Speed - 130%
  • Mounted Speed - 240%
  • Unmounted Jump Height - 1.5 Blocks
  • Mounted Jump Height - 4 Blocks


  • Bite - The Catdeer will attack the nearest hostile enemy, taking a bite out of them.
  • Hind Kick - The Catdeer lashes out, knocking back nearby hostiles.
  • Skewer - The Catdeer impales an enemy with its horns, dealing damage.
  • Travel Agent - While mounted on the Catdeer, you’ll receive faster movement as well as a higher jump height.

Polar Bear Dog


  • HP - 15 Health at Level I, 25 Health at Level X
  • Unmounted Speed - 115%
  • Mounted Speed (Land) - 165%
  • Mounted Speed (Water) - 30%


  • Chomp - The Polar Bear Dog will bite a hostile mob, slowing them down in addition to dealing damage.
  • Lick - The Polar Bear Dog will lick hostiles, stunning them.
  • Swipe - The Polar Bear Dog will swipe hostiles with its front paws, knocking them back.
  • Aquatic Adaptation - While mounted, you receive a speed boost in water.



  • HP - 12 Health at Level I, 20 Health at Level X
  • Unmounted Speed - 110%
  • Mounted Speed (Land w/ Earth Bonus) - 200%
  • Mounted Speed (Land w/o Earth Bonus) - 150%


  • Rock Throw - The Badgermole will throw a rock towards the target, inflicting damage within a 10-15 block range.
  • Shockwave - The Badgermole will create a small earthquake, dealing with hostiles in a 4-6 block radius.
  • Standstill - The Badgermole will lock enemies in place in a 5-7 block radius, provided that they are above an earth block.
  • Earthbending - Badgermoles will gain movement speed while traveling through earth blocks.

This kind of pet will offer support for the player and will level up through repeated use. They will assist the player in combat through alternative methods rather than damage.

Flying Lemur


  • Unmounted Speed - 130%


  • Scavenger - The Lemur will temporarily vanish, and after a set period of time will provide you with a random food item.
  • Distraction - When agitated, the Lemur will fly around distracting the nearest hostile mob in a ten block radius.

Turtle Duck


  • Unmounted Speed - 80%


  • Egg Production - The Turtle Duck will spawn an egg in your inventory periodically.
  • Turtle Protection: - The Turtle Duck will provide two extra hearts to the player upon entering combat.

Fire Ferret


  • Unmounted Speed - 100%


  • Ferret Fishing - The Fire Ferret will periodically provide a fishing drop while near water.
  • Lick Your Wounds - The Fire Ferret will attempt to nurse your wounds, healing you for 1 heart. This ability has a long cooldown.