Money makes worlds go round, and ours is no exception. Whether you’re planning on settling down, traveling across the continents, or taking out a bounty on some unfortunate soul – you’ll need money to do it. "But how am I supposed to get money?" you might ask. Well, it’s simple! You can sell blocks and items to vendors in markets worldwide.

By right-clicking a vendor, you open a GUI. You can buy a single item by left-clicking, and you can buy a single stack of an item by right-clicking. The GUI can be switched to selling mode through left-clicking the button in the footer.

The world currently contains several markets, all of which are listed below. In these markets, items can be bought and sold, with prices that are unique to each. While prices will rise and fall in correspondence with supply and demand, some items (such as ice and sea lanterns) remain static in pricing, as they are otherwise unobtainable.

For a full list of vendors and what they have to offer, check out the vendors page.

List Of Markets

SATSouthern Air Temple Market
WATWestern Air Temple Market
EATEastern Air Temple Black Market
NWTNorthern Water Tribe Travelers' MarketVendors are spread across the three locations
Northern Water Tribe Museum Square Market
Northern Water Tribe Coal Exchange
BSSBa Sing Se Market
GAIGaipan Local MarketVendors spread out over the town.
FNCCaldera Mall