Scattered throughout the Avatar world, dungeons are the most reliable source of leveling up your bending abilities. Keeping your bending level in mind, scroll through recommended dungeons to help find one that would best accelerate your growth. You can also view a list of dungeons in-game with the command /quests. Beneath each dungeon name is the suggested player level (e.g. 1-4). If your level falls within the range, you would receive full experience as you progress through the dungeon. If your level is outside of the recommended range (i.e. below or above), you will receive less XP for defeating mobs.

Mini-dungeons are especially good for beginners and solo play, while regular dungeons may recommend two or three players working together due to their difficulty. Ask your friends to help you tackle these harder challenges. Within each page, you will also be able to find locations for possible lotus tiles within these dungeons, whether they be at the entrance or revealed after defeating the boss. Collect lotus tiles across all of the dungeons to unlock pets and more!