Daily Rewards

Looking for a RNG element in your life? We've got just the thing. It's not quite a way to get rich quick, but it'll save you from trying to enrol half the server in a pyramid scheme.

What are Daily Rewards?

Our system works just the same as any other - simply log in daily to get rewards that increase in value. Currently this includes Yuans and Lotus Tiles, but may be expanded in the future. Check out the command /rewards each day to claim. If you forget, don't worry! The server will remind you to claim them daily, and if you miss a day you can claim that reward before the current day's one.

How to get your Rewards

This is the menu you get when you do the command /rewards. Green means it's ready for you to take it. Orange means you need to take yesterday's reward before taking today's, and red simply means it's not ready yet. Hover over the Red one and it'll tell you how long's left until you can claim it. Click on the Green box and you'll be put into the next menu.

This is what you get when you click on a Green box. You'll be presented with three White boxes. We've hovered over one in this image, but you can click on any of the three to pick your reward. Do so, and then take a look at your chatbox to see what you got out of it.