Ban Appeal

Some heated situations can make you do something you never intended to do. Rules get broken, people get banned. If you want to apologize or if you think that you have been wrongfully banned, please e-mail us with the following:

  • Your IGN
  • Approximate time and date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM) of your ban
  • The reason of your ban
  • Do you think your ban was justified?
  • If no, do you have any evidence to prove your innocence?
  • Any additional information to explain the situation.

You can contact the administrators by sending an e-mail to .

We take every ban appeal seriously, and all requests will be answered. However, we do not accept appeals regarding bans shorter than one week.

Please be aware that ban appeals require discussion internally with the General Moderation team. During this time we request for you to be patient - we'll get back to you when a decision has been made.