Using Fast Travel

You will choose your destination using the following instructions:

  1. Find a local or global travel node. You can use /ft to locate the closest node!
    Note: In order to use global travel, you must first visit the city you wish to travel to either on foot or by making use of local nodes. This will unlock that city's global node for future use through fast travel.
  2. Enter the local travel vehicle or the global travel station to receive its corresponding map. You will use this map to make your fast travel selection.
  3. Your current location is marked by a grey indicator, and the currently selected destination is marked by a red indicator.

    a. Local – Only local nodes adjacent to your current location are available to teleport to. These appear as the white markers connected to your current location by blue, green, or tan routes (water, land, and sand travel respectively) on your map.

    b. Global – The type(s) of travel that each global node facilitates will be indicated by a smaller blue, green, or white marker (water, land, and air travel respectively) within each black node. Most nodes only support only one type of global travel – plan your routes accordingly.

  4. To scroll through your options and move the red indicator, scroll with your scroll wheel either up or down.
  5. To make a selection, ensure the red dot is on the correct fast travel node and left click. The fee will be deducted from your account and you will be teleported to your selected location.

  For more information, check out the wiki page on fast travel.