AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 110: Pride Fest 2023

2023-06-04 17:46:24 +0000 UTC by TurboClicks

banner image of Korra, Asami, Mako, and Bolin

Greetings and salutations, readers! It’s that time of year again for AvatarMC’s annual Pride Fest. The Rainbow Spirit is back to welcome everyone to their realm in the Spirit World to celebrate love in all its forms!

Speak to the Rainbow Spirit in your capital to get started. Find the "Pride Fest 2023 Awaits" quest in /q for more help!

The LGBTree Direct Link


If you've visited the Pride Town of yesteryear, you'll recognize this one — except someone's been giving it premium fertilizer. This is where you'll spawn when you enter the event, and it's also how you'll get to the different parts of the map!

If you've managed to get lost in the event, our professional cartographer has drafted a map for you, which can be seen below.

map of event

Quests Direct Link

This event comes pre-packaged with four quests for you to enjoy — "The Lost Mask", "Tei's Special Brew", "Welcome Party", and "Duck, Goose, Hot Air Balloon" as well as an introductory quest titled "Pride Fest 2023 Awaits". Check them out in /q today!

Quest NameStarting NPCRewards
Tei's Special BrewTei [654, 695]3 Lotus Tiles
Welcome PartyCook Amiti [807, 673]3 Lotus Tiles
The Lost MaskShi-ra Spirit [835, 848]3 Lotus Tiles
Duck, Goose, Hot Air BalloonConductor [672, 869]25k Yuans (5k Yuans for completing Duck and Goose routes, 15k Yuans for completing quest)

Fort Pride Direct Link


Feel like getting lost in wonderland? No need for a pocket watch-carrying rabbit this time. Head on over to Fort Pride, and try your hand at navigating your way through this showy little Schloss.

New in 2023: Fort Pride has a new maze and puzzle!

The Hot Air Balloon Hangar Direct Link

Here at AvatarMC, the sky's the limit! Now you don't need to be an airbender to fly with the birds, you just need a hot air balloon! As long as you stay within this little box next to an open flame, that is.

The parkour is the basis for the 'Duck, Goose, Hot Air Balloon' quest, and upon completion you'll receive some nice rewards! Though please note that pushing other players off to "reduce the weight" is not permitted. Talk to the Conductor at the top of the Marketplace Hill to get started.

Lotus Tiles Direct Link

Whether you're running out of Lotus Tiles or you're a completionist, we've got you covered. Explore the map to find ten more of those lovely little Pai Sho pieces!

Final Thoughts Direct Link

And as always, happy Pride Month to everyone here celebrating it at AvatarMC. We hope you had a great month, and we're all so excited to see you next year for Pride Fest 2024!

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 109: v0.6.2 Release

2023-03-18 19:07:00 +0000 UTC by EvieAscendant and TurboClicks

Greetings and salutations, readers! I'll be your host for tonight; the exits are to your left and — wait, wrong job. Either way, we have a fair few additions to the server to fly through, so let's get to it, shall we?

Questing Update Direct Link

Questing Menu

The questing system has received updates to massively boost convenience and playability. Alongside this, all quests have been updated for greater consistency - aiming to minimise any potential lack of clarity within quest descriptions or gameplay. The changes made are as follows:

  • Completed quests are now sorted at the end of /q. This moves them out of the way of currently active quests.
  • New objectives and their descriptions are displayed in chat when they become active.
  • If a quest has been started, the active objective will be displayed instead of the quest description when hovering over it in /q.
  • The ability to track a quest has been added. It will show any active objectives for that quest when you hover over it in the command book.
  • Rewards are now displayed in chat when a quest is completed.

Intro Quests Direct Link

Two new quests have been added to introduce some of the server's key features! While this experience is intended for new players, there's nothing stopping anyone else from completing them.

  • Mini-Dungeon Intro: Each of the four capitals now has its own unique quest to introduce mini-dungeons to players. These are restricted by element — if you're a Waterbender, you can only play through the Northern Water Tribe quest, for example.
  • Going Postal: Players will assist the Whale Tail Courier Company, travelling across the world to deliver missing parcels to their rightful recipients! This should be a neat way to introduce new players to the global Fast Travel system, alongside providing a tour of our capital cities.

Both of these quests can be started in your Bending Capital. Talk to the guide NPC that appears when you first spawn for more information!

A New PvP Arena Direct Link

Fire Nation Palace Arena

Coming soon to a Caldera near you is a new fully functional arena! Releasing with this update is the Agni Kai chamber where Zuko famously fought his father. Now you too can receive a facial scar and spend the rest of your life telling people "no, it's not on the wrong side".

You will now be greeted by holographic text and NPC guards outside of the main doors to the royal palace. When you teleport in, you'll enter a brand new hallway that leads directly into the throne room. There will also be a part of the hallway that leads to the Agni Kai chamber.

The /nav menu has been updated! In an effort to better direct players to locations in all server cities, we've come up with a few things that'll hopefully make our points of interest (POI) clearer. All changes are as follows:

  • Points of interest will appear as inactive when they are deemed irrelevant to you as the player. They'll still appear in /nav, just right at the end and greyed out. You'll still be able to navigate using them, of course. An example of this would be a dungeon that's outside of your level range.
  • Plenty of new POIs have been added to the menu across all server cities. Notably, navigation is now available to all mazes and parkour challenges — each identified as a "Lotus Tile Challenge".
  • For every "Lotus Tile Challenge" there is now a corresponding quest which is only visible once you enter the challenge area (starting the maze/parkour).
  • Each location now has a category appearing in blue below the POI name, with a description displayed just below it.
  • Every POI has a related icon in /nav with a light blue background.
  • Players are now able to navigate to other players using /nav. The player must be in the same server city as the sender, and they must agree to the request. To access this new feature, just click on the lantern at the bottom of the nav menu.

Cosmos Update Direct Link

The Cosmos has been updated to provide players with a far better experience when creating a new character. All changes go as follows:

  • The spirit NPCs have been deleted. As a replacement, each testing area makes use of the council member placed directly in front of the spawn point. These NPCs now allow players to confirm their element choice or return to Avatar Korra in the Cosmos. However, before doing so, they will tell you about the area, including who you can talk to and where to test your bending techniques. After this, on the second interaction (where they begin emitting green particles), they offer to either tell you about the area again or allow you to make your choice.
  • Every 3 minutes in each testing area, a broadcast will notify the player who they can speak to, and where, to confirm their element choice or return to Korra.
  • The building in the center of the earthbending testing area has been updated to allow players to run directly through it instead of having to go around it to reach the other side.
  • Bandits in the earthbending testing area have been made slightly stronger, where before they did extremely small amounts of damage. Their behaviour has also been changed to assist in better tracking the player.
  • The poachers inside of the airbending testing area have been updated with new skins.

Spirit Oasis Sound Direct Link

The Spirit Oasis is finally getting a soundtrack of its own! There's both a main theme and an ambient theme, so make sure to manually update your music pack to receive this update.

Visit the Resource and Music Packs wiki to learn how to perform a manual download.

Canon City Cleanups Direct Link

Multiple locations around the map received enhancements in their surrounding areas:

  • Ba Sing Se received directional road signs outside of the main city gates to point players towards community-built road networks and the community farm.
  • The Fire Nation Capital received directional road signs outside of the main Caldera gates to point players towards the harbor and the airport.
  • Misty Palms Oasis received a minor facelift improving the palm trees across the town as well as the entrance. A path now connects the city to nearby community-built roads as well as the mini-dungeon.
  • The Northern Air Temple's surrounding area is cleaned up. The mountain on which the temple sits has received a texturing update. The local Fast Travel boat has a path connecting all the way to the temple.
  • Omashu received an improved entrance design, including a new bridge connecting the city to the neighbouring mountain, which now follows on to a windy path connecting the entrance to the nearby local Fast Travel node.
  • The Southern Air Temple island has received a significant clean up, removing all of the old player builds that were visible from the temple. A path now connects the local Fast Travel node to the temple. Players can now walk all the way up the path from the ground to the temple, preventing the need to use bending to jump up the mountain. The entrance to the mini-dungeon was completely rebuilt.
  • Holographic text now warns players that they are leaving a server-built area and are changing to a community-built road network.

Miscellaneous Changes Direct Link

  • Holographic text on Fast Travel nodes now states if the vehicle is for Global, Local, or City travel.
  • When new players first join the server, we now run a check to detect if their automatic resource pack download is enabled. If it is not, they are presented with an animated visual guide that explains how to fix this.

Bending Changes Direct Link

Nonbending Direct Link
  • Extended Grappling Hook's range by 12 blocks.
  • Person-striking Grappling Hook cooldown reduced to 8 seonds.
  • Shift-Grappling Hook no longer moves the player further than regular grappling hook.
  • Grappling Hook moves the player further horizontally and has less of a vertical offset.
  • Concussion Grenade pushes the target (and player) upwards while providing fall damage protection.
  • Reduced Falcon silence to 3 seconds.
  • Added particle effects for when someone is blinded by Flashbang.
  • Increased Sticky Bomb's damage and speed.
  • Sticky Bomb inflicts less severe slowness.
  • Proximity Mines now detonate if they are covered by solid blocks such as ice and stone.
  • Sand Attack blind duration decreased to 3 seconds.
  • Sand Attack now has particle effects when someone is hit.

Fire Direct Link
  • Added particle effects for when someone is blinded by Fire Torch.
  • Fire Torch's shift version has a 1 second cooldown now.
  • Solar Burst (fire ultimate) now has a 3 second prelude during which the player emits particles, allowing the caster to focus on getting close to their target while having enough energy once it is cast to deal damage. Solar Burst no longer drains the player's energy, nor does it freeze them in place.
  • Solar Burst now confers fire protection to the player for the entire duration of the spell and extinguishes them at its conclusion.
  • Flame Blast now decreases the target's defence for three seconds, with the severity based on the distance of the caster to the target. It also has a 12 second cooldown.
  • Various moves now make use of a singular projectile, where before they would use multiple to handle decreasing damage at longer ranges. This functionality remains mostly the same.

Earth Direct Link
  • Earth Rumble, if cast in the air, no longer triggers the move's cooldown.
  • Boulder Toss two-phase form radius increased.
  • Earth Shockwave, when cast in the air, propels the player toward the ground and grants them fall protection. Upon landing, it is cast as normal.
  • Earth Shockwave's radius has been increased by 1 block.
  • Earth Shatter's range at lower energy levels has been extended.

Water Direct Link
  • Increased Steam Explosion's radius, knockback, and damage significantly when cast while standing inside water.
  • Ice Nova has a flat radius of 6 blocks, inflicts more severe slowness, and inflicts slowness for longer.
  • Splash has higher range and knockback.

Air Direct Link
  • Increased Air Spear hitbox size (0.25 → 0.5), damage (10 → 15), range (35 → 40).
  • Air Spear has much greater knockback and a higher cooldown.
  • Decreased Air Spear velocity (60 → 40, 40 → 28).
  • Replaced Air Geyser with a horizontal projectile which throws targets into the air. Costs less.
  • Air Punch has more range, travels more slowly, and deals more damage.
  • Air Burst shift version throws a decelerating ball which detonates violently upon contact with any living entity. It lingers for up to 30 seconds in place after reaching the end of its trajectory. Deals friendly fire if it hits an enemy. Has lower AOE than normal burst.
  • Air Bolt's cooldown has been shortened to 1 second and deals less damage while having shorter range.

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 108: AvatarMC Celebrates 8 Years

2023-01-17 00:06:00 +0000 UTC by korraa and TurboClicks

banner image of fireworks and cake in Ba Sing Se

Greetings, and happy 8 year anniversary to AvatarMC!

After hours of tirelessly digging through the archives of servers long gone, stacks of logs long forgotten, and Reddit threads filled with hype of questionable justification, we have reconstructed a timeline of the birth of the public beta.

A few minutes after midnight UTC on January 17, 2015, the server restarted and the floodgates opened. Within seconds, AvatarMC filled up with players eager to play on the official Minecraft server of r/TheLastAirbender, all excited to try something new following the conclusion of The Legend of Korra.

Since then, this project has come a long way. In the first few weeks, the world was scaled up, factions made way for Towny, and we introduced our first custom made plugins. Since then, we haven't stopped improving — adding new features, game mechanics and interactive experiences.

Screenshot Raffle Direct Link

To celebrate this occasion and take a stroll down memory lane, we are holding a screenshot raffle!

Here are the rules:

  • Venture out across the world to capture your favorite parts of the server, OR upload an older image from the past eight years of your favorite memory. This can include anything that summarizes any positive experience while being part of the AvatarMC community.
  • You may share as many screenshots as you'd like, but at least one of these images must have been taken by you in order to qualify for the raffle. Please indicate if any photos were not taken by you. Although not a requirement, we encourage you to share a fun story about your image!
  • As long as you have entered at least one photo taken by you, you will receive a single entry into the raffle. Posting multiple screenshots will not improve your chances of winning.
  • All screenshots must be shared in #event-8th-anniversary on Discord.

The event will run from January 16–22. A randomly selected player from the raffle pool will win a gift card worth 20 USD to the server store!

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 107: The Winter Wonderland Returns!

2022-12-22 21:40:49 +0000 UTC by korraa

Event: Christmas Event // AvatarMC Discord Direct Link

Christmas Event Hub

Season's greetings and happy holidays! NUKTUK, HERO OF THE SOUTH is back again for AvatarMC's yearly celebration.

Visit Nuktuk in your bending capital to make your way to the holiday hub. Keep reading to get the breakdown of this year's event!

Limited Time Cosmetics Direct Link

Wanting to dress up as Santa and needing a fancy hat cosmetic to complete the ensemble? We've got you covered. Check out the store to purchase these festive delights. If you want to dress as a reindeer, we have that too — minus any judgment you may or may not deserve.

Red Santa Hat
Green Santa Hat
Blue Santa Hat
Reindeer Antlers
Santa Hat Bundle (Red, Green, Blue Santa Hats)

The Wonderland Direct Link

The Wonderland is the main hub of this event, offering plenty to get you in the festive mood. Complete activities located in or around this area to earn snowflakes - you can use these to buy heads and cosmetics from our vendors!

If you need help getting around the event, /nav is your friend.

Presents Missing Direct Link

It's five in the morning, and the parents of this little town have been woken up by their overeager children (who needs alarm clocks anyway?). Disaster strikes, however, when the residents all discover that beneath their Christmas trees is a lack of wrapped gifts! The presents are missing!

Journey up above to the sweet smelling cave entrance and discover the truth behind who, or what is responsible for the missing presents. Band together with your friends as you explore what remains of Santa's Workshop as you dive into the Christmas Dungeon!

The Castle Direct Link

Ascend the stairs to the Castle, and prepare for a boss fight. Defeat its keeper to earn a reward. However, if fighting isn't your thing, you can always try the dropper on for size.

Activities List Direct Link
  • Christmas Tree Parkour - Get to the top of the tree and claim your snowflakes.
  • Frosty the Snowman - Parkour up Frosty and earn some snowflakes.
  • Snowball Arena - Fight your friends with snowballs in this Free-For-All arena. (Best results for this gamemode are with FoV set to 'Quake Pro')
  • Workshop Maze - Head through the twisty maze for a reward. If you're up for a challenge, help a local elf recover Santa's list from the depths of the maze.
  • Snow Maze - Make it to the end for your reward. Ball of string is optional. No minotaurs in this one, we promise. They don't like the cold.
  • Castle Dropper - Fall into the water at the bottom without hitting any blocks to win.
  • Ice Cave Dropper - Take the ski lift to this dropper, and make sure not to hit any blocks or you won't make it to the bottom.
  • Helper Hunt - Gao is setting up an event, and needs his friends! Find him to get started on tracking them down.
  • Christmas Dungeon - Enter the cave and track down the town's presents!
  • Castle Miniboss - Defeat the keeper of the castle!

Vendors Direct Link

Some friendly elves are here to sell some Christmas goodies. Or just give you puppy dog eyes until you buy something, your choice. Just remember these poor folks don't have an elf union.

Cosmetic VendorRed Candy Cane Focus15 Snowflakes
Green Candy Cane Focus
Gray Candy Cane Focus
Purple Candy Cane Focus
Yellow Candy Cane Focus
Blue Candy Cane Focus
Elf Hat
Decorations VendorOrnament Heads1 Snowflake Each
Present Heads

Capture the Flag Direct Link

Head on over to the hot air balloon you used to use to access the Club Penguin hub, and it'll take you there for some festive fun.

Lastly, the team at AvatarMC would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. We greatly appreciate our community and can't wait to show you what we have in store for 2023. See you next year!

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 106: Halloween Writing and Art Competition Winners

2022-11-07 20:33:40 +0000 UTC by KevinY3 and TurboClicks

As we're sure some of you remember, we ran a writing and art contest through the month of October. The polls are in, and we have some winners to present.

Congratulations to EvieAscendant for winning the writing competition, with _Gent taking a close second place. It's been vindicating to see such a variety of writing styles and formats in the list of submissions. The art competition was won by AdamteMC with his chilling illustration, aptly called 'I Buried Every Single One of Them Myself'.

The winning entries are linked below. Happy browsing, and thanks for participating.