AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 112: Nuktuk Is Coming to Town

2023-12-23 00:00:00 +0000 UTC by TurboClicks

Event: Christmas Event // AvatarMC Discord Direct Link

Christmas Event Hub

Season's greetings and happy holidays! NUKTUK, HERO OF THE SOUTH is back again for AvatarMC's yearly winter celebration.

Visit Nuktuk in your bending capital to make your way to the holiday hub. Keep reading to get the breakdown of this year's event!

Limited Time Cosmetics Direct Link

Wanting to dress up as Santa and needing a fancy hat cosmetic to complete the ensemble? We've got you covered. Check out the store to purchase these festive delights. If you want to dress as a reindeer, we have that too — minus any judgment you may or may not deserve.

Red Santa Hat
Green Santa Hat
Blue Santa Hat
Reindeer Antlers
Santa Hat Bundle (Red, Green, Blue Santa Hats)
Christmas Tree Scepter

The Wonderland Direct Link

The Wonderland is the main hub of this event, offering plenty to get you in the festive mood. Complete activities located in or around this area to earn snowflakes - you can use these to buy heads and cosmetics from our vendors!

Activities List Direct Link
  • A List in the Breeze: A nervous elf, Honeybrittle, seems distraught. Go talk to them to find out what's wrong.
  • A Very Helpful Hunt: Help Gao find his friends so he can have his party! You can find him near the Christmas Tree Parkour.
  • Castle Dropper: Complete the dropper found in the hilltop castle.
  • How Evil Iroh Stole Christmas: Stop Evil Iroh before he can steal the presents! Find him in the castle, and stop him before it is too late!
  • Icy Cave Dropper: Complete the dropper found by taking the cable car up the mountain.
  • Mr Grouch: Mr Grouch took over Santa's workshop and is destroying all the presents. Find the facility at top of the mountain, south of the village, and put a stop to it!
  • Snow Maze: An inviting looking maze made out of snow. Find it in the Christmas Village.
  • Snowman Ascending: This jolly fellow looks like he can be climbed. Find him on the lake shore northeast of the village.
  • The Tree Parkour: The branches of the big Christmas tree look perfect for climbing. Look for the largest tree in the village!
  • Snowball Showdown: A Free-For-All Snowball fight that can be found in the cave by the pier, northwest of the village.
  • Capture the Flag: Find the hot air balloon and take it to the Capture the Flag arena.

Multiplayer Activities Direct Link

Once again the popular activities Capture the Flag and the Snowball Free for All have returned to AvatarMC! Is it truly the season of joy without the fun of inflicting traumatic brain injuries with snowballs?

The Capture The Flag minigame is accessible from the hot air balloon near the Christmas Tree. In this activity, players are split into two teams and are tasked with taking the opposing teams flag and taking it back to their own, with only snowballs to defend themselves with. However, watch out as you cannot score a point unless your own flag is yet to be picked up. This activity requires a minimum of 2 players, but more is recommended for maximum enjoyment! You will have 10 minutes to see who can score the most points.

In the free for all, tied to the "Snowball Shutdown" quest, you fight against friends (minimum of 2 players) using only snowballs. You have 10 minutes to climb the leaderboard and show who has the strongest throw. Enter the cave northeast of the village, near the pier, to partake in this activity!

Vendors Direct Link

Some friendly elves are here to sell some Christmas goodies. Or just give you puppy dog eyes until you buy something, your choice. Just remember these poor folks don't have an elf union.

Cosmetic VendorRed Candy Cane Focus20 Snowflakes
Green Candy Cane Focus
Gray Candy Cane Focus
Purple Candy Cane Focus
Yellow Candy Cane Focus
Blue Candy Cane Focus
Elf Hat
Snowman Beanie
Snowman's Top Hat
Decorations VendorOrnament Heads1 Snowflake Each
Present Heads

Lastly, the team at AvatarMC would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. We greatly appreciate our community and can't wait to show you what we have in store for 2024. See you next year!