AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 102: Pride Fest 2022

2022-06-03 18:54:24 +0000 UTC by _Guru and TurboClicks

banner image of Korra, Asami, Mako, and Bolin

Greetings and salutations, readers! It’s that time of year again for AvatarMC’s annual Pride Fest. The Rainbow Spirit is back to welcome everyone to their realm in the Spirit World to celebrate love in all its forms!

Speak to the Rainbow Spirit in your capital to get started. Find the "Pride Fest 2022 Awaits" quest in /q for more help!

The LGBTree Direct Link


If you've visited the Pride Town of yesteryear, you'll recognize this one - except someone's been giving it premium fertilizer. This is where you'll spawn when you enter the event, and it's also how you'll get to the different parts of the map!

If you've managed to get lost in the event, our professional cartographer has drafted a map for you, which can be seen below.

map of event

Quests Direct Link

This event comes pre-packaged with four quests for you to enjoy - "The Lost Mask", "Tei's Special Brew", "Welcome Party", and "Duck, Goose, Hot Air Balloon" aswell as an introductory quest titled "Pride Fest 2022 Awaits". Check them out in /q today!

Quest NameStarting NPCRewards
Tei's Special BrewTei [654, 695]3 Lotus Tiles
Welcome PartyCook Amiti [807, 673]3 Lotus Tiles
The Lost MaskShi-ra Spirit [835, 848]3 Lotus Tiles
Duck, Goose, Hot Air BalloonConductor [672, 869]25k Yuans (5k Yuans for completing Duck and Goose routes, 15k Yuans for completing quest)

Fort Pride Direct Link


Feel like getting lost in wonderland? No need for a pocket watch-carrying rabbit this time. Head on over to Fort Pride, and try your hand at navigating your way through this showy little Schloss.

The Hot Air Balloon Hangar Direct Link

Here at AvatarMC, the sky's the limit! Now you don't need to be an airbender to fly with the birds, you just need a hot air balloon! As long as you stay within this little box next to an open flame, that is.

The parkour is the basis for the 'Duck, Goose, Hot Air Balloon' quest, and upon completion you'll receive some nice rewards! Though please note that pushing other players off to "reduce the weight" is not permitted. Talk to the Conductor at the top of the Marketplace Hill to get started.

New Cosmetics Direct Link

What would an event be without fresh new cosmetics? Head on down to the Marketplace and speak with Star, your neighborhood friendly entrepreneur. Purchase this event's cosmetics at 5 Lotus Tiles a piece, or, for nostalgia's sake, you can buy last year's for 3 Lotus Tiles each.

With a fresh stock of new cosmetics, we also have added base cosmetics featuring the Non Binary flag and the Pansexual flag! See below for the complete list of new items and their prices. Please be aware that the Cycling Pride Flag is not about a love of bicycles, but simply cycles between the pride flags for a colorful experience.

VendorCosmetic ItemPrice
Star's Propellers and FlagsAnimated Waving Pride Flag5 Lotus Tiles
Animated Waving Lesbian Flag
Animated Waving Bisexual Flag
Animated Waving Transgender Flag
Animated Waving Asexual Flag
Animated Waving Pansexual Flag
Animated Waving Non Binary Flag
Animated Cycling Pride Flag (cycles through all the pride flags available)
Non Binary Cap3 Lotus Tiles
Non Binary Beanie
Non Binary Flag Focus
Pansexual Cap
Pansexual Beanie
Pansexual Flag Focus
AvatarMC StoreAnimated Lesbian Propeller Hat4.99 USD
Animated Bisexual Propeller Hat
Animated Transgender Propeller Hat
Animated Asexual Propeller Hat
Animated Non Binary Propeller Hat
Animated Pansexual Propeller Hat

Lotus Tiles Direct Link

Whether you're running out of Lotus Tiles or you're a completionist, we've got you covered. Explore the map to find ten more of those lovely little Pai Sho pieces!

2022 Changes Direct Link

A lot has been updated behind the scenes since last year's release, so our scripting team have given it some polishing touches. Here's what's changed:

Quests Direct Link
  • Duck, Goose, Hot Air Balloon?

    • Updated Quest Journal to make the language clearer, and have the 'back' option
    • Added a hologram to make having to pick a path clearer

  • Tei's Mystery Brew

    • Updated Quest Journal to make the language clearer, and have the 'back' option
    • Simplified the way that the Guessing Game operates
    • Updated Game Solution

  • The Lost Mask

    • Updated Quest Journal to make the language clearer, and have the 'back' option
    • Created a counter for the pages, so that players know how many they have collected
    • Pages will now disappear after being collected (and only appear once the quest has started)
    • There are particles around the pages that disappear after they've been collected
    • Shi-ra is now positioned correctly on the bridge
    • Made a duplicate Shi-ra NPC that swaps out for the original once the quest has been completed, holding a book (to show the player handing over their journal)

  • Welcome Dinner

    • Updated Quest Journal to make the language clearer, and have the 'back' option
    • Created a counter for when the player collects the crops
    • Created a formatted message for when a player interacts with the crops before starting the quest (saying that they're for the quest)
    • Rewrote one of the messages that is sent as the player completes the quest, as it was misleading (saying the player was invited to the party, when there's no such thing)

Miscellaneous Direct Link
  • Market

    • Changed 'Zabanana' to 'Zanana' for consistency to what other NPCs mention (NPCs call them Zanana, when their custom name and actor was Zabanana)
    • Reduced the amount of mobs inside of Sqoorls Pet Shop
    • Added the different fancyman hats as decoration inside of Vince's shop

  • Maze

    • Updated region size (due to a new maze)
    • Added a hologram to clarify the reward and difficulty

Final Thoughts Direct Link

And as always, happy Pride Month to everyone here celebrating it at AvatarMC. We hope you had a great month, and we're all so excited to see you next year for Pride Fest 2023!