AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 100: The Festival of Kyoshi Day

2022-04-15 15:14:04 +0000 UTC by _Guru, KevinY3, QuietDove, and TurboClicks

Statues of the past 3 Avatars sitting in Kyoshi Island plaza

Spring is here, and with it comes the traditional Earth Kingdom festival of Kyoshi Day! It's a time when everyone comes together to celebrate the life and achievements of the 230 year old earthbending Avatar.

To celebrate this, the residents of Kyoshi Island have put together a festival for all to enjoy. Travel there, and see what's going on!

Note: For players that manually download and install the server's resource pack, remember to get the latest copy to access all the event's models and textures. Players who rely on automatic resource pack downloads need not take action.

Quests Direct Link

Chasing History Direct Link

Ruolan has been dragged into portraying Avatar Kyoshi for the annual ‘Kyoshi Day’ celebrations in her village. This is the centre piece of the festival, but it looks like stage fight might've got to Ruolan. Help her prepare and make this the most memorable Kyoshi Day ever!

Sous Chef Direct Link

Every good festival needs catering, and this one is no exception. Help Chef Yuun create the traditional snack of Kyoshi Day... unfried dough! Who knows, maybe Chef Yuun will teach you her secret recipe?

A Wild Turtle Duck Chase Direct Link

Hinro — the local turtle duck farmer — has lost one of his prized turtle ducks. Follow the trail of eggs to bring it home!

Maze Direct Link

Underground Kyoshi maze

Delve into the catacombs beneath Kyoshi Island, and explore the secluded shrine raised in her likeness in the same year that she passed from this world and traversed into the next. To reach them, speak to Gulao near the Kyoshi duelling grounds, across the river and inside a patch of trees.

Parkour Direct Link

Parkour event connecting harbour to lighthouse

What's an event without a bit of parkour! Head down to the harbour and jump across the water towards the lighthouse.

Kyoshi Island Updates Direct Link

We've taken the opportunity to give Kyoshi Island a bit of a facelift. Take a look around the new and improved Kyoshi Shrine, a fitting tribute to one of the finest Avatars. A new forest has been planted for when you need somewhere to relax after a hectic day at the festival.

Cosmetics Direct Link

Players wearing Kyoshi Day cosmetics

Up for a bit of role-play? Why not grab one of our themed cosmetics and take on the role as your favourite Avatar?

From Roku's luscious beard, to Aang's smooth head, these costumes are the perfect way to celebrate Avatar Day! To honour Avatar Kyoshi, the esteemed Warriors of Kyoshi have kindly gifted one of their headdresses for you to own.

If you'd prefer to instead look back on how Avatar Kyoshi created her home island, why not grab the famous helmet of Chin the Conqueror?

To own any of these, simply talk to Tonra in the village.