AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 91: Veni, Vidi, Wiki

2021-07-09 20:30:00 +0000 UTC by _Guru and TurboClicks

Hi, folks! Guru and Turbo here, bringing you the latest update on your favourite part of the website. The forums!

Just kidding. We're here to announce a few changes to the wiki, as Phase 1 of an ongoing effort to spruce it up a bit. If you have any further ideas as to how we can improve this part of the website, let us know in the #suggestions channel in our Discord! We're sure you're eager to see what we've done already, so why don't we give you an outline?

Removal of the Help pages Direct Link

Sounds counter-intuitive at first glance, right? Wrong. We've moved these pages to the wiki (and provided redirects for those of you who've memorised the originals) to take advantage of updated formatting. Additionally, we no longer have two Fast Travel pages - they've been merged into one.

A New Category Direct Link

With this update to the wiki, we've taken the time to split out the Economy page into its own category. This new index will take you through to the following, including two entirely new pages:

  • Bounties
  • Lotus Tiles
  • Markets
  • Vendors

The vendors page has also been updated to reflect their current stock, alongside adding a couple of new entries that came shortly after Professions was released. You're welcome. Alongside that, we've added coordinates to the Markets page, so it's even harder to get lost.

Icon Updates Direct Link

Now this probably means nothing to 97% of our readers, but we've updated the site's Font Awesome icon library to v5.15.3, allowing us to choose slightly more relevant icons for individual topics. This can be seen in the Economy, Professions, and Dungeons categories.

Page Edits Direct Link

  • The Farmer and Ryu's Campfire have been moved to their proper place in the Dungeons category as Mini-Dungeons.
  • The Spirit World Capture page has been rewritten to be marginally more informational.
  • Navigational breadcrumbs have been added to all wiki pages, allowing you to move back a page without having to scroll up.

Full List of URL Changes Direct Link

  • Fast Travel: avatarmc.com/help/fasttravel → avatarmc.com/wiki/fast-travel
  • Resource Pack: avatarmc.com/help/rp → avatarmc.com/wiki/rp
  • Ban Appeal: avatarmc.com/help/banappeal → avatarmc.com/wiki/ban-appeal
  • Bending: avatarmc.com/wiki/category/bending → avatarmc.com/wiki/bending
  • Dungeons (note that dungeons is now plural): avatarmc.com/wiki/category/dungeon → avatarmc.com/wiki/dungeons
  • Professions: avatarmc.com/wiki/category/professions → avatarmc.com/wiki/professions

Well, that's all for now, folks. If you want to contribute, leave us a note in the #suggestions Discord channel linked above. Stay tuned for more changes!