AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 87: v0.6.1, The Musical Marathon

2021-04-30 22:09:16 +0000 UTC by _Guru

Greetings and salutations, readers! This is your captain host Guru speaking, here filling in for the usual suspects. We've got a whole lot of things to go over with the server's update to 0.6.1, so let's make our way down the list, shall we? I've been informed they checked it twice. Honest.

The Gates of Azulon Direct Link

Statue of Fire Lord Azulon

If you've passed the Gates in the past, you'll have noticed that they were a bit small. With this update, we've given them the grandeur they deserve. Unfortunately, they don't have the dragons just yet. A really committed cult made off with both of them in the night. They know who they are.

More Music? Direct Link

You read that right. With the coming update, we're adding custom music for the following:

  • Kyoshi Island
  • Northern Air Temple
  • Limbo

If you needed any more reason to explore, there you have it. Because of course, exploring is always better with a snazzy soundtrack. Make sure to update your music pack here.

Custom Music Discs Direct Link

Record Dealer NPC

Do you love our custom music enough to want it playing in your town? Say no more. From this update onwards, you'll be able to purchase each track individually from a specially placed vendor in all major city markets — that'll be the Northern Water Tribe, Ba Sing Se, the Fire Nation Capital, and the Southern Air Temple.

You may craft a jukebox or purchase one from the markets to pop in the disc and let those beautiful soundtracks roll.

The Stamina System Direct Link

With 0.6.1, we've done the impossible for you and solved world hunger. But only within the confines of the server. You're welcome. Hunger has been effectively removed, and replaced with a stamina system.

It's fairly basic — essentially, the more you sprint, the more it goes down. Stand still to catch your breath or just walk normally and it'll go back up. Be wary, though — if you take damage, you'll get a longer regeneration cooldown. However, you'll be able to eat food to increase your stamina, so eat to your heart's content (and ignore its complaints when you eat six pizzas over the course of ten minutes).

Fast Travel Vehicle Markers Direct Link

Fast Travel sky bison

Moving on, you'll now find that Fast Travel nodes have a nifty new hologram hovering above them. Should be a fair bit harder to miss them now, if the locations aren't seared into your brains already.

Misc. Changes Direct Link

  • Removal of Mythic Mobs and Citizens: I'm sure those two names mean nearly nothing to most of you, so to put it simply: we've ported over any remaining legacy mobs to our neat scripting system. Should be a bit more efficient to play through.
  • Meet the musicians: Ever wanted to see the instruments from the server store in person before purchasing them? Now you can view musician NPCs showcasing the drum, erhu, flute, and guqin in each of the bending capitals.
  • Agrarian Zone regions: We've added above-hotbar text for entering certain Agrarian Zone regions, such as villages and landmarks. Now it's slightly easier to avoid getting lost.
  • Farmer boss rewards: Defeating Jun-Fan will now earn you a bit of fertilizer as a reward!
  • Breeding vanilla animals: Vendors have been placed in each bending capital to allow players to breed vanilla animals again.
  • Fishing profession updates: We've also added a few extra features to the fishing profession. New lures and rods are now available, and nine extra fish have been added to the Spirit World. Happy hunting!
  • Global Fast Travel tweaks: Oh, and if you're still reading, we've gone ahead and unlocked global Fast Travel nodes to the bending capitals by default. No need to try to make the trip to the Northern Water Tribe in a hastily-constructed dinghy any more.