AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 64: Patch Notes

2020-05-06 22:47:53 +0000 UTC by QuietDove

Hello there. We've got a healthy selection of patches for you to sink your teeth into today.

Firstly though, we would just like to say how great it is to see the increased player counts we've had for the last few weeks. This is no doubt due to various quarantines and lockdowns giving us all a bit more time to play on the server, but we hope you all stick around once things get back to normal.

Now, onto the patches:

Performance Improvements Direct Link

Our dev team wizards have been working hard to improve certain aspects of performance on the server. Much of this work revolves around moving reading and writing data, as well as expensive calculations to separate threads. This should help to reduce lag and generally give you an improved play experience.

I will now try to briefly explain what has been done to achieve this:

  • Command Book, inventory, statistic, and advancement data are now saved asynchronously.
  • Chunks around capital spawns and the spirit portals will remain loaded.
  • The /nav function has been optimized, with functions such as the initial "where is the player standing" search happening asynchronously, and limiting the amount of alternatives to consider.
  • Updates to the map held in the player's inventory for Fast Travel now take place on a worker thread.
  • Debug drawing updates no longer take place when there are no observers.

If you would like more information on exactly what all this means, then talk to our magical admin, GuoKao. Please be aware that he may try to recruit you into his server development cult if you show the slightest bit of interest in this!

Other Changes Direct Link

  • Due to popular demand, the texture for the elytra has been updated to better reflect the world of Avatar. Go and claim an elytra for yourself at the Southern Air Temple—if you don't already have one that is—and check it out!
  • Chat moderators will now have the ability to teleport directly to capital cities, so they should always be on hand to help out if anyone needs it.
  • Cosmetic hats will be removed whenever you enter an arena, but don't worry, you can easily get them back by using the command /cosmetic hats.
  • There should no longer be duplicate messages appearing when you use /nav cancel.
  • You will now be able to leave minecarts that appear in Ba Sing Se. The cart will despawn when you leave it though, so make sure you're not in the middle of nowhere when you do!
  • Tickets can once again be requested with the /t create command.
  • Players can now view more information on bounties that they can claim rewards and heads for using the /b1 command. Previously, you could only see kills that you could claim, but now it will show the skulls you can collect as well.
  • NPC's with an empty or hidden name will no longer appear in the tab list, meaning it won't become completely filled up every time you enter a dungeon.

Dungeon Fixes Direct Link

  • Teleports for the Water Tribe and Fire Nation dungeons have been fixed to make more sense.
  • Holograms in the Cosmos are now more visible.
  • Spirit Essence will drop more often.

Bending Changes Direct Link

  • Good news for happy snappers, as cameras can now be used in cities!
  • The Fire Armour effect will now stay on you.
  • Certain fire moves particle effects will no longer stop if they hit a wall or target.

That concludes the patch notes. If you notice any bugs, please let an admin know, or post it in the 'Bug report' chat on our Discord server.

New Team Members Direct Link

We are delighted to say that several new team members have been recruited in recent weeks. We would like to wish them all a warm welcome and appreciate what they do, as well as team members who have been around for longer.

If you are interested in potentially joining the team, please go onto the Apply page, which can be found at the top of the screen.

Thank you for reading.