AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 61: Flameo, Hotman!

2020-04-30 18:52:37 +0000 UTC by TurboClicks

Vincebobogunoosh is back with some new additions to the AvatarMC Server Store! Our modeling team has been hard at work creating some exciting new items for the server to enjoy.

New Arrivals Direct Link

Here are the latest updates to the Server Store. Each of these are available for purchase now. Stay on the lookout for even more great changes in the near future.

  • Hats
    • Painted Lady Hat: Scare off Fire Nation soldiers with this hauntingly beautiful headwear.
    • Cactus Juice Hat: Whether you're drinking tea, water, or good ol' cactus juice, be sure to enjoy your drinks with style.
    • Aang's Headband: Flameo, Hotman.
    • Suyin's Diadem: Simple, yet elegant. You don't need a big piece of headwear when you have skills like Suyin.
  • Foci
    • Mai's Knives: Keep your wits sharp and you knives sharper.
    • Stun Baton: Modeled after the Lieutenant's signature weapons. Unfortunately cannot be duel wielded.