AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 73: Halloween Spooktacular!

2020-10-13 02:28:05 +0000 UTC by QuietDove

My most miserable of greetings to you, in this creepiest of months, in this most horrifying of years. The spook masters of AvatarMC have decided to reopen the cursed event from last year, with a few little additions. All of this horror will be released on Thursday, October 15.

Midnight in Gaipan Direct Link

"Something is afoot in the usually sleepy village of Gaipan. The Festival of Sun Li is normally a time for celebration, for it marks a time when the spirits meet the living.

This time, something has gone horribly wrong. The benevolent spirits are no where to be seen. In fact, no one is to be seen, the town is nearly deserted. Let us pray that you don't meet the same fate..."

The dead have risen from the earth. Put them back where they belong, before you join them. They say that familiar faces have been spotted amongst the walking dead. Just who could they mean by that?

Candy, meant to be enjoyed by those at the festival, has been dropped all over the village. Gather as much of it as you can, you never know what rewards await you.

Each capital city has a hub where you can teleport straight to the event.

Ghost Island Direct Link

A seasonal quest returns this year.

When Watt's nephew goes missing on a deserted island, he enlists the player's help to find him. Tread carefully; unspeakable horrors happened here, and the spirits are restless. One more thing: try not to stare into the dark too long. The dark might stare back, and you'll find out what kind of thing goes bump in the night.

Across The Bridge Direct Link

An unseasonably large pumpkin has grown across the bridge of Gaipan. No doubt that dark and evil forces are at work. Investigate this massive gourd and discover its secrets.

Inside you will find a new area for this year, Bwake's Maze of Horrors. Watch your sanity as you try to reach the end, ten candies await you if you do!

There's more to see in this area. The Great Pumpkin Hunt is exactly what it says on the tin. Seek out the hidden pumpkins and gain a reward.

There are two new achievements for the event for completing the tasks in this new area, Bwake's Maze of Horrors and The Great Pumpkin Hunt. Both offer 5 candy upon completion.

Cosmetics Direct Link

Spooky cosmetics are available once again. The merchant will be more than happy to give them to you, for a price of course.

Spooky Story Competition Direct Link

If fighting the undead or struggling through mazes isn't your thing, then here's something else for you to try this Halloween time.

We are hosting a short story competition this month. Your story must be no more than 500 words long. As it's Halloween, your story should be spooky, but keep things as PG as you can.

The story must begin with the words "The door clicked as it locked."

Please get your entries in by Friday, October 23.

The winning entrant has a choice of rewards: Their choice of item from the server store or an Xbox Live code (kindly donated by AJelle).
In addition to this, their story will be read out on the tournament live stream later this month.

Please make your entries using this Google Form.

October Tournament Direct Link

The bending tournament will return later this month, with some appropriate decoration and perhaps a spooky twist or two. More details on this will be revealed later in the month.