AvatarMC Soon™: Issue 51 - Battle Royale MkII

2019-07-21 18:46:17 +0000 UTC by Guru

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you've read that right. AvatarMC's very own “RIDE’em GUIDE’em SHOOT’em” event is making a comeback, almost four years since the first (1345 days if you're interested) - and it's better than ever before. Come one, come all, come try your luck in this team-based challenge!

The Details Direct Link

Players pair up into teams, choosing amongst themselves who will shoot and who will steer. Runners have supportive abilities while the riders have offensive ones. It's a free-for-all out there, in a medieval tournament style - teams will face each other in several rounds of combat, continuing until one team of players reigns victorious. Additionally, an extra bracket will be provided for those who get knocked out of the running for the top spots - so if you die early, stay for another chance to win a prize!

Note: If, for any reason, a player hops off of their team-mate, this will be counted as a forfeit.

Time and Date Direct Link

The event will take place on Sunday the 28th of July at 6pm UTC - please see Google or your local search engine of choice for timezone conversions.

Rewards Direct Link

Of course, the part you've all been waiting for with bated breath. The prizes for this event are as follows:

  • Winner: Two stacks of an item of their choice, or ¥500,000 of in-game cash
  • Best Pair (Survive the most rounds to win!): ¥20,000 of in-game cash
  • Participation: Six decorative heads
    • Three Pig Heads
    • Three Skeleton Heads

So there you have it! Which team will have the co-ordination and, most importantly of all, the aim with which to succeed? Join us on the 28th to find out, or take part yourself in hopes of gaining glory and prizes!

Note: if you did not yet receive your rewards for the Fire Tag event last month, please contact CheeseSandwich after this event to get them as well.