AvatarMC Soon™: Issue 50 - The Untaggables

2019-06-15 17:00:00 +0000 UTC by Guru

Ladies and gentlemen, for the big 50, we're bringing another event to you next week! This Summer Solstice (the 21st!), we're doing a tournament-style event called "Fire Tag." It'll take place at 5pm UTC, so be there or be square!

In this game-mode, one player is 'it'. They will receive a special focus for the duration of the game, containing a one-hit-kill move. Hiders will also get a focus, which contains two moves to provide hunger saturation and a jump, to allow for players to have a chance to escape if caught.

This takes place in the Fire Nation Capital. Players will hide amidst the scorching streets and radiant rooftops of the Caldera. Note: All exits and mazes have been blocked off in the interest of fairness.

After the initial tagger is chosen at random, whoever is killed last or simply lasts the longest wins the round, becoming 'it' for the next one. If someone is 'it' multiple rounds in a row, they will be given additional prizes such as in game currency or rare blocks of their choosing, but also rendered unable to be 'it' for more than one round at a time. All participants will receive some appropriately themed lava and magma heads.

We hope to see you there!