AvatarMC Soon™: Issue 49 - My Girlfriend Turned Into The Moon

2019-03-10 17:30:00 +0000 UTC by Guru

Greetings and salutations, readers! I'm your host, and today we're going to go over a few bugfixes and changes to the server. So, without any further ado, let's begin!

The Spirit Oasis Direct Link

That's right, the Northern Water Tribe's very own Spirit Oasis is getting an overhaul! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let one do the speaking for me.

Bending Detectors Direct Link

Formerly hidden away in Republic City, the Bending Detector merchant has expanded his business to all of the bending capitals. Alongside his business expansion, the detectors themselves have received an upgrade, allowing them to detect more bending moves. The full list of moves is as follows:

  • Air: Bolt, Gust, Kick and Spear
  • Earth: Blast, Pebble Daze, Pebble Gatling Gun and Shackle
  • Fire: Ball, Flame Slash, Flame Shot and Kick
  • Water: Blast, Bolt and Whip
  • Nonbender: Arrow Rain and Blow Dart

Bending Bugfixes Direct Link

The bending team has been hard at work, fixing and improving moves. Here's a list of changes!

  • Ults (Wind Slam, Sandstorm, Solar Burst, High Tide, Falcon Strike) will now cancel when no wand is equipped
  • Fire Torch now works as intended
  • Phase Change now works as it should when you're looking up or down
  • Air Twister should now target the area displayed with the particles with more accuracy
  • Area of Effect moves have been fixed again
  • Mines and Grenades have received a model revamp, so now you can set down traps in style
  • Proximity mines should only place down one model now, and should no longer attach to walls

Other Changes Direct Link

  • Quan (the boss of 'Hunters of the Ocean') has been reworked, allowing for a more challenging experience
  • The fighters in Gaoling's Earth Rumble Tournament will now chase you all around the arena (you're welcome)
  • Added exit buttons to mazes, in case you forgot to bring string
  • The ships in the Fire Nation Capital Harbour have been moved around
  • The space required for spawning a pet should now be closer to the actual space the pet takes up
    • Space restrictions for summoning utility pets have been removed
    • Combat pets now utilise a more accurate bounding box during spawning
  • A pet's minimum distance to their target has been made more strict
  • Added city exit waypoints to /nav
  • Moves that modify stats will now display those changes in the hotbar where applicable
  • Fast travel now properly restores your held item in its original slot
  • Pet foci no longer open/close automatically when (de)summoning a pet
  • The amount of whistles in your inventory is now counted more accurately when a focus is open
  • Increased strength, penetration and protection of vanilla mobs
  • Increased the spawn rate and mob cap of vanilla mobs.