AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 47: The Penguin Who Would Be King

2018-12-23 20:15:23 +0000 UTC by Guru

Yes, you read that right. Guru here once again, presenting our newest and most requested endeavour - a Club Penguin event! This one is an expansion to the event we did last year, so those who didn't take part then can do so now.

Trawl through the snow and the ice to take part in numerous Antarctic antics, including but not limited to:

Capture The Flag Direct Link

Team up with friend and foe alike to capture the other team's flag and bring it back to your own base! Beware - you won't be able to score if the other team also possesses your flag.

Sled Racing Direct Link

Now this is pod sled-racing! Take part in a race for the ages. Dodge obstacles and your fellow contestants as you all reach for the prize.

Scavenger Hunt Direct Link

Who let the Puffles out? No, seriously - we want to know. It's a health and safety violation. While we figure out who did it, you can find the Puffles scattered across the island. Will you find them all, or will they remain elusive?

An a*maze*ing maze Direct Link

Because we know you all love pain and suffering. Will you reach the end of this exercise in persistence? Make sure to bring plenty of string so you don't lose your way. No minotaurs in this one, we promise.

Puffle Roundup Direct Link

What makes a great pet if not one that's been captured straight from the wild and forced into captivity? Step right up and show your grabbing prowess for our high paying poachers lovely soon-to-be pet owners.

Jet Pack Obstacle Course Direct Link

You've been able to fly for a while now, but hear me out on this new revolutionary idea: Jetpacks. I hear they're all the rage these days, so head on over to the lighthouse and speak to Jetpack Jin for a once in a lifetime (because it may just be the last ride of your life) experience. Note: Penguin Corp is not responsible for any damages or accidental demise while using their products.

In addition, you'll be able to earn coins by playing through these activities, which you can spend on a select few Christmas-themed cosmetics. For the completionists among you, there will also be a new Advancement tree to complete during the event. You'll be able to access this event through last year's event, so if you haven't done that one yet, now's the time! Travel to this year's by using the hot-air balloon close to the giant Christmas tree.

Please note that this event will be using a separate Resource Pack, so make sure to get that from here if you don't already have the server's RP, or here if you do.