Weekly Soon™ - Week 36: Dreaming of an AvatarMC Christmas

2017-12-16 20:24:38 +0000 UTC by Guru

Season's greetings! I'm your friendly neighborhood announcement aficionado, and this is Jackass a Christmas event!


The Christmas Castle Direct Link


Complete mini-games to earn festive snowflakes, and use them to purchase our event rewards! Find the villager by the Christmas tree in your capital to get there!

Rewards VendorCandy Cane Focus15 Snowflakes
Elf Hat15 Snowflakes
Christmas Decoration VendorVarious Decorations1 Snowflake each

List of things to do:

  • Snowball FPS - We've created a fun mini-game for everyone to take part in. Best results for this gamemode are with FoV set to 'Quake Pro'. Sign-ups are located at the bottom of the Castle staircase.
  • Quest ‘Helper Hunt’: Help Leonardo find his elf helper friends! They must be somewhere.
  • Dropper - Take the lift towards the mountain to jump straight back down again in this vertigo-inducing dance with death.
  • Santa Mini-Boss - Santa's mad, and he's not giving out coal this year. Best take him on in groups, or the results will be ho-ho-horrible. Fight him in the Castle.
  • Christmas Tree Parkour - Jump your way up to the top of the tree and find your presents in this upside-down extraordinaire. Find the tree by heading to the staircase - you should be able to see it from there.
  • Snow Maze - Make your way through this freezing maze for frosty prizes. To get here, head left from where you spawn in.
  • Hedge Maze - Make your way through these leafy twists and turns, and maybe help a family of penguins along the way - by reuniting a mother with her children. To get here, continue heading left from the Snow Maze.