The Gaoling Bending Tournament Report: March 2024

2024-03-30 23:23:33 +0000 UTC by QuietDove

We're back!

That's right, the Gaoling Bending Tournaments have made a long-awaited return this month. And a brand new tournament means a brand new Tournament Report to go alongside it.

It's good to be back!

Competitors Direct Link

  • Air: 17jlede, lemur68
  • Water: Rasam_, Dawidoperr
  • Earth: Movion, TheWuselig0ne
  • Fire: supahspider, Seppizza, FireLordAzula_, neutrinoboi
  • Non-Bending: makosigma, KevinY3, waters_jax, superhaggis321, daales

First Round Direct Link

This tournament was run on a double elimination format, meaning each fighter has to lose twice before being knocked out.

Opening this tournament up was a fight between makosigma and supahspider. A really nice way to start the tournament as both competitors engaged in a competitive bout, though it took a while for any meaningful hits to be made! Makosigma eventually came through to win after landing some good combos.

Next up was an intriguing fight between 17jlede and TheWuselig0ne. It was another quick start, but Wuselig quickly settled into a clear strategy, using their earthbending to raise a number of earth walls and forming the arena to their advantage. 17jlede never quite got into the fight, and Wuselig took an excellent victory.

Seppizza and Rasam_ gave us the classic fire vs water matchup. It was another fast start, as was becoming the case across all the fights. Seppizza looked to have the upper hand early on, with Rasam somewhat chasing their shadow. Rasam still thought hard though, sticking around for some time before Sepp finally landed a killer blow to win.

A former champion took to the ring next as KevinY3 made a return against waters_jax. Jax put up a decent fight, but Kevin ultimately took an impressive win to progress.

FireLordAzula_ vs superhaggis321 was a tasty looking matchup between two longserving players. It lived up to the hype as both players were evenly matched throughout. Long range attacks from Azula were contrasted with Haggis' close-quarters combat. It was hard to keep up with what was happening at times, but it was Haggis who held on to take the win after an excellent contest.

Movion and lemur68 played out cagey fight that took some time to get going. It was Movion who eventually took the upper hand in what was a match of attrition. A nice win for the earthbending Movion.

The final fight of Round 1 was between Dawidoperr and neutrinoboi. It was a difficult debut fight for Dawid, who has only come onto the server very recently, up against the experienced Neut. Despite ultimate defeat, Dawid was still able to give a decent account of themselves.

Second Round Direct Link

Round 2 kicked off with another returning champion, as daales (formerly known as Muffin) went up against makosigma. There was little contest here as the pre-tournament favourite, daales, took home an impressive win to underline his credentials.

TheWuselig0ne and Seppizza were next up. Wuselig was impressive from the off, once again molding the arena to his taste and landing their dangerous combos. Victory was looking assured, but then, disaster. They stopped moving, allowing Sepp to deal a huge amount of damage. Was this concussion from weeks of training? A sudden bout of muscle stiffness? Did they suddenly remember that they left the oven on back home? Whatever it was, they soon got over it and started to move again. But, it was too little too late. Seppizza took the victory and advanced.

Next up was KevinY3 vs superhaggis321, in what looked like a good matchup after their opening wins. However, it ended up being a slightly messy performance from Kevin, who couldn't really get going. Haggis claimed a memorable win over the former two times champion.

The final fight of the round saw Movion take on neutrinoboi. This was a good performance from Neut, who looked in very fine touch against the previously impressive Movion. Neutrino took an excellent win.

Third Round Direct Link

As we head into the business end of the tournament, we start with daales vs Seppizza. This had all the makings of a classic bout, as both had impressed thus far. Things didn't quite turn out that way though. The battle had hardly begun when Seppizza took to the skies, his feet ablaze. Whilst this would become a familiar tactic later on, this time it had a flaw. Fall damage. That's right, Seppizza had clearly forgotten the old adage "What goes up must come down" and the other adage "It's not the falling that kills you, it's the ground". Daales took the win without having to do anything.

Following that up was neutrinoboi and superhaggis321. This had a bit more quality than the last fight! It was a professional performance from Haggis, who was really starting to grow into the tournament as it went on.

Semi-Final Direct Link

The semi-final saw daales take on superhaggis321. This was a classic fight, exactly what you want at this stage of the competition. Both showed their quality throughout in a tight battle, displaying excellent mastery of their element (or not, as they both went for Non-bending...). In any case, it was a good fight that daales came on the right side of, propelling him straight through to the final.

Haggis would still have a chance for a rematch though, as he could still come through the losers' bracket final.

Now, let's take a look at exactly how the losers' bracket played out...

Losers' Bracket Direct Link

The losers' bracket features those who tasted defeat first time round. The winner of this bracket would eventually face off with daales in the Grand Final.

First Round Direct Link

Just the two fights took place in the first round of the losers' bracket, as 17jlede was given a bye.

So the first proper fight was between waters_jax and FireLordAzula_. The fight was quick, but big on action as both trading quick blows. Jax took the victory, dumping Azula out of the tournament.

New met old as Dawidoperr and lemur68 took to the arena. Both looked well matched early on, which was perhaps a bit of a surprise. Lemur seemed to struggle to get much rhythm, and Dawid took advantage by landing regular hits to whittle Lemur down. The patient approach paid off, and Dawid took a very memorable maiden win.

Second Round Direct Link

TheWuselig0ne and waters_jax got the second round of losers matches underway. It was a good contest between a pair of well-matched fighters. Jax just came out of it with the victory. Wuselig may be disappointed not to progress further.

There was an, err, intriguing fight between KevinY3 and 17jlede next. I have begun to suspect that Kevin may not take these fights all that seriously, as we witness them typing in the middle of the fight. Despite this flagrant lack of respect for the competition, they were still able to take the win. 17jlede should probably take a long look at themselves...

Supahspider made short work of their fight with Movion, who rather limped out of the tournament after a promising looking first fight.

Meanwhile, Dawidoperr was handed a bye through to the next round.

Third Round Direct Link

Things didn't start well for Dawidoperr in their fight against waters_jax, as they trapped themselves in their own ice cage with Jax. That sort of set the tone as Jax barely got out of first gear to knock Dawid out.

The round was closed out with an excellent fight between KevinY3 and supahspider. It was a high quality contest throughout, and both looked worthy of progression. Both were highly mobile, whilst also managing to land accurate hits on one another. However, the extra experience of Kevin seemed to make the difference here, as they knocked spider out of the running. Fight of the tournament so far!

Fourth Round Direct Link

The quality of competitors in the losers' bracket continued to rise as KevinY3 met Seppizza. This would prove to be a pivotal fight to the tournament, as Seppizza appeared to perfect a brand new tactic to deploy against Non-Benders. This involved the sky-walking tactic they tried to use in the fight against daales (which led to a slight splat on the arena floor). it was perfect this time though, Sepp walked across the sky, far out of Kevin's reach, and just shot down at them. The fight came to an end as Sepp finally put themselves back on terra firma and engaged Kevin at close quarters. Kevin had no answer and was knocked out of the tournament. Seppizza's win wasn't without controversy, as some in the crowd accused them of using an unfair tactic. Time would tell how that would play out...

After that furore, the next fight between neutrinoboi and waters_jax was a much more low key affair! It was actually an entertaining fight, and Jax performed well to claim a victory that set up a tasty fixture in the next round. Neutrino had performed well in the tournament, but wasn't really able to get going in this match.

Fifth Round Direct Link

That last fight set up a matchup between Seppizza and waters_jax. Once again, Seppizza went walking in the air. There was no moonlit sky or magical snowmen here though, as Seppizza rained fire on the people down below. It's fair to say that it's not exactly a thrill a minute fight, but Seppizza makes perfect use of his strategy to win the fight and head into the losers' bracket final.

Losers' Bracket Final Direct Link

So here we go, last chance saloon. Only one of Seppizza and superhaggis321 could make it through to the Grand Final, and one chance at glory against daales.

This was a near carbon copy of Sepp's last fight. The aerial tactic was displayed to full, devastating, effect once more. There is little to say about the fight, other than it gave a clear indication that Sepp had found the perfect way to defeat a Non-bender, and who would they be facing in the Grand Final? Why, only the top seeded Non-bender.

Once more, there was some controversy surrounding the manner of Seppizza's victory as a chorus of salty complaints ran out. To this untrained observers eye though, it looked like a completely legitimate tactic. Let's see how it plays out on the biggest stage of all...

Grand Final Direct Link

So here we go. After a long absence, we finally get to crown another champion in this glorious arena. Would daales complete a hattrick of victories? Could Seppizza put a new name on the trophy? We were about to find out.

There was a curious start to the final, as Seppizza did not immediately reach for the skies to combat daales' Non-bending. Their wings seemingly clipped, Seppizza was put onto the back foot by the two-times champion, Muffin. Sepp fought hard, doing their best despite them seemingly failing to deploy their strategy, but it was always going to be a longshot when playing against an opponent of this quality. The fight tilted over further in daales' favour, and it came as little surprise when the killer blow was eventually landed.

It confirmed a historic victory as daales joined the pantheon of greats as a triple champion. A well deserved championship for the clear favourite and strongest player in the tournament.

However, some startling revelations were about to come to light. An anonymous whistleblower made allegations to us that Seppizza was ordered by tournament officials to not use the now legendary skywalking tactic in the final, with threats allegedly made against them.

This represents a clear overreach by the stewards, and could potentially be challenged in court, should Seppizza choose to appeal that decision. They would certainly have this humble reporters full support should they decide to go down that route.

This publication can exclusively report that the official in question was notorious tournament choker, martdamp. Martdamp was contacted for comment, in which he stated "Nerf Air".

Daales is a worthy champion and was the strongest fighter throughout the tournament, but these latest allegations do leave a bitter taste in ones mouth about the final we could've potentially had.

The Dove Awards Direct Link

Best Fighter: A few candidates this month, but this one goes to Seppizza. New tactics and innovations should be celebrated, and the one shown by Sepp this month came very very close to securing overall victory. The skywalking strategy wasn't neccesarily popular with the punters, but to this experienced pundit it showed great inventiveness. Had they used it in the final, I have no doubt that Seppizza would've been standing on the top step of the podium. You are the Peoples Champion!

Best Fight: We were blessed with some very consistent fights this month as the quality of those competing continues to rise. However, the fight that stood out to me was KevinY3 and supahspider in the third round of the losers' bracket. A really tight and battle with plenty of action. A worthy winner!

The "Are you Actually Taking this Seriously?" Award: This one goes to KevinY3. Once again, they seemed to spend half of their fights typing into chat rather than actually doing the whole fighting thing.

The "NaCl Overdose" Award: This one goes to everyone complaining about Seppizza's tactic, including those who wanted it banned mid-tournament. You'd make the Dead Sea jealous!

Funniest Moment: A double whammy for Seppizza as he takes this award as well. It turns out that a reliable way to actually defeat the skywalking tactic is to simply bribe gravity to do the work for you! Their fall to the ground against daales in the early rounds takes this award.

Last Notes Direct Link

I'm delighted to see these tournaments return, it's been a long time coming! But they don't happen without a lot of support behind the scenes. So our thanks should go to BarelyDecisive, GuoKao, GreyishCloud, martdamp, and Movion for keeping everything running smoothly.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Keep an eye out on the server Discord for announcements about the next tournament. We hope to see you there!

— QuietDove

Hall of Fame Direct Link

  • July 2018: Kaaldr
  • August 2018: Porku
  • September 2018: nanook4219
  • October 2018: EvieAscendant
  • November 2018 (2v2): Tofu_ and Porku
  • December 2018: EvieAscendant
  • January 2019: KevinY3
  • August 2019: Vincebobogunoosh
  • February 2020: EvieAscendant
  • March 2020: Porku
  • March 2020 (2v2): Porku and Best_Minority
  • April 2020: KevinY3
  • May 2020: Jtox17
  • June 2020: Mystef
  • July 2020: Mystef
  • August 2020: ShadowKing1255
  • September 2020: CaesarSW4R
  • October 2020 (2v2): Fire_LordAzula and UROShadow
  • November 2020: UROShadow
  • December 2020: IncognitoSubito
  • January 2021: IncognitoSubito
  • February 2021: IncognitoSubito
  • March 2021 (2v2): CaesarSW4R and MuffinSW4R
  • April 2021: _Gent
  • May 2021: _Gent
  • September 2021: _Gent
  • January 2022: killmuffinplz
  • May 2022: Zaheer_
  • March 2024: daales

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 120: March 2024 Bending Tournament

2024-03-17 00:03:40 +0000 UTC by VeerSky and TurboClicks

Earth Rumble Arena

After an overstayed hiatus, we're back in full force and ready to reignite the excitement. Welcome back to the long-awaited Gaoling Bending Tournament!

Spring back into action for a chance at the championship bracelet! Come and join the fight!

Event Details and Bending Changes Direct Link

The event will take place on Saturday, March 23 at 19:00 UTC. For those who use Google's search engine, this query will find exactly what time this is in your time zone. World Time Buddy is also a helpful resource.

The Event Server will be opening today so that players can test out new bending changes that might make their way to the main server. The changes are as follows:


  • Steam Explosion damage has decreased from 12% of a target's health to 10%.


  • Pebble Daze and Pebble Gatling Gun now have a projectile hit effect.


  • Blue Fire Torch now has a cooldown after being used.
  • Fire Ball starting damage has decreased by 1.
  • Fire Blast Wave damage has decreased by 5.
  • Burnout protection has gone down from -24 to -20.
  • Fire Dodge duration has gone from 3 to 6 seconds.
  • Flame Shot starting damage has decreased by 1.


  • Air Armor protection points now last 3 seconds rather than 2.
  • Air Burst damage has increased by 5.
  • Air Spear damage has increased by 5.
  • Air Twister now triggers 3 times a second and damages 4 health points per trigger.


  • Agility can now be toggled for a maximum of 45 seconds, but at the cost of draining bending energy.
  • Brace now gives absorption hearts and has a counter.
  • Concussion Grenade now has a shift version where it explodes sooner.
  • Dash can now go back and forwards.
  • Grappling Hook has a longer range.
  • Weapon Slash has a stronger shift version with 3s cooldown.
  • Proximity Mine base damage has changed from 35 to 20.

Registration Direct Link

To register for the tournament, please join the AvatarMC Discord server, and sign up in #event-signup. You can always sign up at the event, but you may not be paired with someone who best matches your skill level — so sign up as soon as you can!

To sync your Minecraft player name with our Discord, create an AvatarMC account by typing /register while on the Minecraft server. Once you have the account set up, go to and log in with your newly created credentials. This will link your AvatarMC account to Discord and provide enable Players role.

If you can't make it to the tournament after signing up, please delete your sign up and/or notify a tournament volunteer for day-of cancellations. Failing to do this could result in sanctions.

Tournament FAQs Direct Link

Am I limited to the bending I chose?

No! The tournament will take place off of the main server and is accessible by typing /server event once the event is open for joining. You will be able to select any bending you wish and cab change it at any point before the tournament officially starts. The Event Server will be open 30 minutes before the tournament starts to allow players time to pick.

Will there be elytras?

At the moment, we have decided to not provide elytras for players to use. These can be used to avoid combat completely by Airbenders and serve no purpose in combat since they are disabled after taking damage.

Will we be able to eat to heal during the match?

No. In the past when we've allowed food and healing, matches lasted far longer than anyone felt was enjoyable. Because of that, health restoration from eating will be disabled.

Like previous bending tournaments, there will also be no Professions items permitted during the tournament. [!]

Will there be stats and levels?

Just like on the main server, you will have stat points to allocate by typing /c. You will be automatically set to max level and have all moves available from the moment you select a bending type. You can reset your stats throughout the tournament to change your build based on the bender you will be fighting by speaking to the stat spirit near spawn.

Rewards Direct Link

Everyone who signs up for the tournament and participates in it without missing any matches will receive a participation prize. This will consist of 32 spirit essence and four decorative heads. Winners will receive these as well.

  • First Place: 250,000¥ + Championship Bracelet
  • Second Place: 150,000¥
  • Third Place: 75,000¥
  • Fourth Place: 50,000¥

How the Event Will Function Direct Link

  • The tournament will operate off of a public bracket that will be posted in #event-announcements on Discord and in chat at the beginning of the tournament.
  • For this tournament, the brackets will be semi-randomized. Players will be fighting against other players who may not be of similar skill level but could be disproportionately higher or lower in skill level. Matches can be semi-balanced based on the pairings, but it is no guarantee.
  • Players who lose in the semi-final fights will match against each other to determine 3rd and 4th place.
  • Time will be set to sunrise, so no advantage can be gained for either Waterbenders or Firebenders.
  • This tournament is not only a way for you to earn free money, but also a way for us to gain balancing opinions on the elements. After the tournament, do not be afraid to share your opinions on the server Discord!

If you have any questions regarding the event, you can ask in our Discord or message a team member in-game.

We hope you join the fight on Saturday, March 23 at 19:00 UTC

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 119: Meet the Team: Chat Moderation

2024-03-09 03:03:35 +0000 UTC by ShootItzStar

Hey all! I'm Star, the Chat Moderation Team Leader. In this blogpost, you can find out more about the Chat Mod Team, our goals, and the requirements to apply!

What We Do Direct Link

Chat Moderators are responsible for guarding the social aspect of the server and working with General Moderators on all sorts of cases.

They participate in policy discussions and ensure server rules are being followed on the Minecraft server and Discord chats. They moderate on cases related to social rules, using warnings and mutes when needed. Chat Moderators are also known to offer a helping hand to any new players who may have questions or require assistance.

General Moderators are also selected within the pool of Chat Moderators.

Our Goals Direct Link

As a team, we strive to foster a positive and safe environment on the Minecraft server and our Discord. We ensure that rules and policies are being followed within the community and adjust according to the needs of the community. We aim to ensure all players feel at home on the server and receive any help they may need!

How to Join Direct Link

We are looking for candidates to join our team and help keep the server safe! Before applying, you'll need:

  • A helpful, friendly, and patient attitude: Chat Moderators are at the forefront of our Moderation Team and ensure that server rules are respected and enforced in the in-game and Discord chats!
  • A collaborative spirit: Chat Moderators work with each other and with General Moderators to handle cases, create policies, and participate in discussions.
  • Timely communication: Chat Moderators are expected to be able to answer messages and communicate with the team in a timely manner on Discord.
  • Frequent activity on the live server: Though activity on Discord is also noted, in-game activity will mainly be considered. We are looking for players who are active and have played on the server for at least 2 months.
  • Clean history on the server: This fits more within the "Pluses" category of the application page but will be considered during the selection process.

If you believe you fit this criteria, you are encouraged to send in an application through our Chat Moderation Team Application page. I hope you found this overview helpful! If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach me on Discord!

— ShootItzStar

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 118: v0.6.3 Release

2024-03-04 16:26:36 +0000 UTC by VeerSky and TurboClicks

Welcome, travelers! Long road ahead? Please sit! Why don't you take a break and enjoy a cup of calming jasmine tea? Before you go, let's take a look at all the new server additions in our v0.6.3 release, shall we?

Iroh holding a cup of tea. Image from "The Chase" episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Block and Item Updates Direct Link

First and foremost, we have to go over the most important, game-changing, revolutionary addition of this update... snow bricks now drop snow bricks!

In other news:

  • Red sand now can be used in the crafting of concrete powder and glass, just like regular sand.
  • Grass, mycelium, podzol and quartz ore market prices have now been made static to avoid inflation.

Towny Updates Direct Link

Towny has also seen the following bug fixes:

  • Players with the king position can once again withdraw yuans from their nation's bank using /nation withdraw [amount].
  • Plot change notifications now include the PvP status when it differs from the prior chunk.

Chat Updates Direct Link

  • Fixed the channel shorthand (The G in [G]) and nickname not being clickable to focus on a channel or open the player menu respectively.
  • The "Something went wrong!" message when trying to summon a pet that has died has been removed.
  • The /conversation request timeout has been increased from 10 to 60 seconds.
  • After the Dutch translation, we have also added a very much needed German translation for our best boy, Max the Dog. Now, where are the expensive dog treats?
  • The typo in the "airship" Fast Travel method name was fixed.
  • Various misspellings of "Caldera" in Fire Nation Capital discoverable locations have been corrected.
  • Fixed the typo in "refined pentapus jelly".

Texture Updates Direct Link

  • A missing texture atlas, which broke all the textures for users playing in Minecraft 1.19.3, has been restored.
  • Fire ferret textures for versions 1.15+ are no longer defective.
  • The spinning water orbs model has been improved, and texture issues have been abolished.
  • The bleeding texture issues for Zuko's Dagger and Mayor Tong's Hat have been fixed and improved overall.

Stat Updates Direct Link

Small changes have been implemented in the stat system as well.

  • Fixed bending focus-related stat changes not being applied.
  • Opening the stat book with /c will no longer open where players cannot edit stats.
  • The message reminding players of unallocated stat points is no longer shown to low-level players.
  • Experience-gain holograms resulting from pets and bending now also show in the negative quadrants (-X, -Z), rather than only being visible in the positive quadrants (+X, +Z).

Improvements for New Players Direct Link

Furthermore, we have improved our quests, dungeons, and navigation system so that the new players of AvatarMC have a smooth beginner experience.

  • When speaking with your bending master, the bending focus will now be automatically selected. The bending master now also provides information about the leveling and stats systems.
  • Messages shown to new players when they first join have been tweaked:
    • Bending focus usage instructions have been removed for new players when finalizing their element choice.
    • The demo instruction message has been shortened.
    • An objective to test out an element and then return to the NPC in spawn was added, which triggers when talking to the NPC or when walking away from it.
    • The dialogue option for when exiting the spawn is now also slightly more comprehensible.
  • Added a new quest for talking to an NPC guide that hints at what there is to do in the city, such as dungeons and quests. This automatically starts when players spawn into their capital for the first time.
  • The Fire Nation Capital guide has recovered from their amnesia and now correctly remembers the things to do in the city when either the mini-dungeon or the Fast Travel quest have been completed.
  • Cleaned up and improved the area around The Cave of Hethro and The Ganbald Triad mini-dungeons by expanding the protected regions.
  • New NPCs have been added around the Fast Travel nodes to guide players towards the mini-dungeon, along with an appropriately placed player road network connection hologram.

Miscellaneous Changes and Fixes Direct Link

  • The formation of nether portals has been disabled.
  • Fixed the bug allowing players to change the water level of cauldrons in cities.
  • The Saito Railways tunnel-protected region in the Fire Nation Capital has been fixed.
  • The junk vendor in the Fire Nation Capital has been relocated one street down from its previous location.
  • Server music has now been delayed to play after the server resource pack has been loaded.
  • Skeletons no longer spawn as a mount in server cities.
  • Lake Laogai's Wi NPC is no longer stuck inside of a table.
  • When entering an arena, your fancy headwear will be automatically removed to prevent interference with health. Headwear may be re-equipped after exiting the arena.
  • When using Air Scooter, region changes in the Hunters of the Ocean dungeon no longer trigger.
  • The Towny claim in The Bison Poacher's Hideout no longer prevents the poaching of the sky bison.
  • The pagination of the quest menu now removes items from the prior page when paging.
  • Opening a quest progress entry in chat now opens to the corresponding quest.

Coming Soon™ Direct Link

We have some additional work that we'd like to tease!

  • New dungeon: Feeling feisty? New conspiracies have been brewing around the Fire Nation Capital of Caldera. Storm clouds are gathering... Level 3–8 players will be excited to find a new way to level up with this upcoming dungeon! We can't say much about it — you'll have to uncover its secrets yourself!
  • Redesigned skins: While on your travels, you might take notice of various redesigned NPCs featured in Fast Travel locations and mini-dungeons. Skin Artists have been upping their game and cannot wait for you to see what they've been working on.
  • Server Store facelift: The Server Store is also getting a makeover. The storefront is receiving redesigned catalog item icons and improved cosmetic renders. We've been scouting out new fashion models to showcase the existing items in the store, but also to model the new cosmetics that are coming your way!
  • New cosmetics: You'll soon have the chance to slay your enemies, Water Tribe style!

A correction was made on March 4, 2024: An earlier version of this blogpost stated that the upcoming dungeon will be a level 1–8 mini-dungeon. It will actually be a level 3–8 full dungeon. This blogpost has also been revised to specify that The Cave of Hethro and The Ganbald Triad mini-dungeon regions received expanded protections.

AvatarMC Soon™ - Issue 117: Netflix A:TLA Release Day

2024-02-22 20:07:00 +0000 UTC by TurboClicks

The day is finally here! After a years-long wait, the Netflix live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender has premiered. Perfect timing, as the original animation premiered one day earlier — 19 years ago in the United States — with a one-hour special on February 21, 2005. The special featured the first two episodes of the series: "The Boy in the Iceberg" and "The Avatar Returns."

In today's blogpost, we'll cover how we honor the animation and how we're looking forward to the future of the franchise.

Celebrating Cactus Juice Day Direct Link

To celebrate the series that started it all and inspired us to create this Minecraft server, we at AvatarMC like to partake in a yearly tradition dubbed "Cactus Juice Day."

U.S. audiences got their first glimpse of the Avatar Universe at 7 p.m. EST. This was midnight UTC on February 22 which is why the server has Cactus Juice Day for some time zones on the 22nd each year.

From midnight UTC on February 22 — for exactly 24 hours —when you break a cactus block, you have a chance that (alongside the actual item) cactus juice will drop. This will only drop once per time, so you'll want to keep placing and breaking cactus if you're looking to hoard it. Cactus Juice will typically be a potion of Nausea III.

Sokka holding cactus juice cup. Image from "The Desert" episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Live-Action Direct Link

We are so very excited to see the enthusiasm for our favorite franchise with the release of Netflix's new live-action. As the live-action showrunner and executive producer Albert Kim recently told IGN, "this is a remix, not a cover." Having new content like this breathes life into the franchise and will ultimately bring new fans into the fold.

Over in the AvatarMC Discord server, we've introduced a new forum channel called #live-action-discussion to host all conversation related to the live-action, with episode-specific channels and a general discussion channel. As you watch the new show, let us know what you think! What were your favorite moments?

Have a great weekend, and happy watching!

Aang, Katara, and Sokka flying on Appa. Image from Netflix's live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender