Join the AvatarMC Writers

Do you have the skill, motivation and attitude to join our merry little band of writers? We're looking for new talent to join in! Assignments include but aren't limited to Communications (blog posts and Wiki maintenance), Narratives, and Questlines. You will be expected to be capable of working both alone and alongside other writers when needed, with semi-regular progress reviews where the team can generate ideas.


  • Ability to give, receive, and apply constructive feedback
  • Creative mind; has little to no difficulty in thinking outside of the box
  • Trustworthy and loyal
  • Reasonable familiarity with the world of Avatar
  • Consistent access to Discord
  • Reasonable proficiency with the English language

Even if you believe you aren’t up to scratch, send an application our way; we’ll help with the rest if the motivation and creativity are there for us to work with. So, if you’re still wanting to help us out (improving your skills all the while), contact us!


  • Previous experience in writing within the Avatar universe
  • Previous experience with HTML and/or Markdown
  • Writing specialities, i.e. characters, quest design, worldbuilding

Including these (if you have them) in your letter of motivation is advised.

Applying to the Team

If you're interested, send an email over to for us to review, including the following:

  • Your in-game name
  • Your time-zone
  • Your Discord ID
  • A small showcase of your abilities; this could be a quest or just something you've written along the way. 300 words minimum.
  • A brief letter of motivation - why you want to join the team, what skills you have to offer, etc. 200 words maximum.

As soon as we've read through and discussed your application, we'll be in touch.