Join the AvatarMC Scripters

We're currently seeking scripters to help us create more for the server. With the support of the Dev team, scripters use in-house plugins to create the immersive content you all know and love! Scripters make builds come alive by creating things such as dungeons, advancements and NPCs, with the biggest example being Gaoling's Earth Rumble Arena. Most new features added to the server will most likely be implemented or modifiable using scripting.


  • Lively interest in both Avatar and Minecraft
  • Ability to work well under direction and with others
  • Ability to plan ahead so other team members can start working
  • A creative mindset
  • Activity and reliability

We don't require skills with any particular programming or scripting language, as most of the work is simple enough to pick up on the job. We also don't expect you to immediately grasp the more complex parts of scripting, such as custom AI and message passing.


  • Ability to work with Git
  • Ability to work on own initiative

Applying to the Team

We do a lot with scripting on the server, including the dungeons and NPCs. You can make your assignments as difficult as you'd like. An easy one to start with would be NPC creation, which consists of filling in numbers in a file. Those NPCs will need dialogue though, and that's where things start to get a little more difficult. For this we use Dialogue Trees, and you'll be creating one.

There's three types of node available to you - Text, Choice, and Logic.

  1. Text - Shows text to the user, and is the simplest.
  2. Choice - This gives the player the ability to choose from several options.
  3. Logic - This one will, for example, give the player a reward or teleport them.

A small example using all the type of nodes:
- node name: start
node type: choice
text: "Welcome to my store, are you looking to buy something?"
option 1: "Nope, not interested in buying anything." --> run node no
option 2: "Yes, what do you have for sale?" --> run node yes
- node name: no
node type: text
text: "Alright, hit me up if you want to buy something."
- node name: yes
node type: logic
logic: open GUI to a shop

For your first assignment, create a dialogue tree for a guard. The player is trying to get into a building they're protecting, and has to convince them to let them pass. The player should have to be careful not to anger the guard, as it'll make it more difficult to get inside. Be creative and experiment - use a few different branches to spice things up. Don't worry about the quality of the text, or even if something is possible in the logic node.
Note: You will have to use all of the nodes at least once.

For your second assignment, you'll be recreating a Mini Dungeon script. You may choose any of the MDs we currently have on the server, which can be found here (and will be appropriately named). The backbone of dungeon scripting is a state machine, which will execute the states you provide in order, then start with the first task when the last state is finished. For now, you don't have to worry if we actually have the state you want to use - feel free to come up with your own, but try to use as much detail as you possibly can for this assignment.

A small example for a Mini Dungeon where the player will have to kill one enemy and then get rewarded:
[wait until the player enters the region]
[spawn mob]
[wait until mob is killed]
[give reward]
[wait for x seconds]

In your email to, be sure to include the following:

  • Your in-game name
  • Your time-zone
  • Your Discord ID
  • The two assignments.

As soon as we've read through and discussed your application, we'll be in touch.