Join the AvatarMC Game Designers

We’re currently seeking game designers to help us plan out the fun and engaging gameplay mechanics found on the server. The scope of this team includes designing our custom bending system, planning out the gameplay of dungeons and quests, as well as designing new/improved mechanics such as the recently released professions.


  • A creative approach to solving problems
  • Knowledge of the server’s current gameplay mechanics
  • Ability to communicate clearly, efficiently, and respectfully
  • Able to contribute to team discussions on a regular basis


  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Familiarity with the “Magic” plugin or other similar systems

Applying to the Team

Assignment: Design a Boss - In this assignment, you will design a boss fight. This includes their abilities, passives, and general behavior. Take a look at the example provided below and use the structure when working on your own. Please do not base your boss off of any currently created one. Try to be creative and make yours unique. Your boss can be any element, and don’t worry too much about how feasible it might be to create.

Example Boss Design

Name: The Pebble

Ability 1: Pebble Barrage
  • The boss sends out a flurry of pebbles that pass through any structures they have created (ex: “Earth Bunker”). Being hit by one of these pebbles will lower the target’s armor temporarily.
Ability 2: Earth Punch
  • A small wall of earth blocks quickly forms in front of the boss that can block incoming attacks. After a short delay, the wall will turn into a projectile and is punched towards the target, dealing heavy damage and knockback.
Ability 3: Earth Sidestep
  • The boss randomly launches themselves a short distance to either the left, the right, or forward. When they come back into contact with the ground, they will send out a shockwave that travels along the ground and follows players.
Ability 4: Earth Bunker
  • The boss slowly forms a sphere of earth around them. If a player is trapped inside the sphere when it is finished forming, it will implode, damaging and stunning them in the process. If no players are inside the sphere, it will remain formed for the remaining duration. If the boss receives X amount of damage while the sphere is forming, the move will be cancelled, and the boss will be stunned for several seconds.

  • This boss will primarily use Pebble Barrage, Earth Punch, and Earth Sidestep throughout the fight.
  • After the boss reaches certain HP thresholds, they will activate their “Earth Bunker” move. If no player is caught inside of it, they will proceed to use an upgraded version of Pebble Barrage that lasts much longer. During this “phase,” the player will be forced to play evasively.


  • At least 150 words in total
  • At least 3 unique abilities
  • At least 2 unique behavior traits

If you're interested, send an email to for us to review with the following:

  • Your in-game name
  • Your Discord ID
  • Your completed assignment
  • Any additional messages/information you’d like to share