Join the AvatarMC Builders

We’re currently seeking talented builders to join our build team. In this role, the builder would be responsible for the creative design and construction of areas that resemble as closely as possible those portrayed in the Avatar television series.


  • Must be familiar with World Edit (Voxel Sniper is a plus)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Consistent access to Discord for team communication
  • Ability to work well under direction AND with others
  • A decent level of activity on our server
  • Experience designing and producing strong Minecraft builds
  • Strong familiarity with the Avatar universe and the atmosphere it portrays
  • Strong eye for detail, color schemes, and organization

We encourage you to apply even if you believe your skills aren’t ready yet. Current builders can help you improve. So, if you’re still willing to help us out, contact us!


  • Previous experience with other Avatar projects
  • Previous experience with Minecraft team-builds
  • Building specialities (interior design, terraforming, statues, organic structures, etc.)
  • Experience in 3D modeling
  • Experience in texture design

Including these (if you have them) in your letter of motivation is advised.

Applying to the Team

If you're interested, send an email over to for us to review, including the following:

  • Your in-game username
  • Your time-zone
  • Your Discord ID
  • An Imgur link to your Minecraft builds portfolio
    • Please DO NOT use Shaders
    • Please ONLY use either Minecraft's basic resource pack or the server RP, found here.
    • Your portfolio does not need to be extensive, the only requirement is that you try your best to display your understanding for detail, depth, color schemes, and organization as well as any other special skill you wish to show off.
  • A concise letter of motivation which should include:
    • Why do you want to join the team?
    • Why do you think you are of value to our team?
    • Include any additional skills from the "Pluses" section
    • (Optional) What project do you wish you could work on?
    • No more than a paragraph long

Please be aware that it may take a few days to receive a response.